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Portugal Public Holidays, Same-Sex marriage, Hunger Strike in Israel, Pacific Ocean

Portugal Suspends Four Public Holidays
In Portugal, the government suspended four public holidays for five years. Among the suspended holidays are All Saints Day and Corpus Christi. Vatican was part of the negotiation. Good for their Catholic priests. They did not withdraw their support to the state. Their priests recognize the fact that their is a big wall between them.

Pro or Against Same-Sex Marriage?
In a US state, people are now voting whether to ban same-sex marriage or not. Reports have it that lawmakers are considering the fact that many gay couples end up filing for divorce. I am against same-sex marriage. I believe only a woman and a man should wed. But I think two same-sex lovers can live and love each other without calling one another “wife” and “husband”. The basis of a marriage is the bible, and the bible defines no same-sex marriage. I call it union, for heaven’s sake. 

Hunger Strike in Israel
About 1, 600 Palestinian prisoners are enjoying hunger strike to appeal to the state and to the media. CNN and BBC are now covering their dramatic stories. The world is tuning in to their cries. They are trying to erase the fact on our minds: they were imprisoned for doing something unlawful.

Save the Pacific Ocean from Plastic Bags
As a person living in the Philippines, it is my duty to save the Pacific Ocean from the deadly plastic bags. These plastic bags may come from the US, Australia or from any country besides my homeland. I would like to suggest my fellows to use life-long plastic bags. We cannot deny the fact that we use plastic bags every day. We just use quality bags that we could use in many activities.

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