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Russian Anastasia in the Philippines?
In a story published by Philippine Daily Inquirer, it re-opened the world to the very mysterious life of the Russian Duchess Anastasia.

In the past decades, ten women caught the attention of everyone to say "I am Anastasia". And all were proven to be impostors. The most popular was Anna Anderson who was found to be fake after her death. 

The published story was about a Filipino whose grandmother was Russian. She made researches to trace her late grandmother's relatives. Her research ends with a suggestion that her grandmother was Anastasia.

According to the story, the grandmother was called "Tasia". When Tasia was still living, she never dared to give her full identity. Tasia claimed to have been from Russia. She never spoke about her original family. 

Tasia has a portrait that when placed side by side with the known famous portrait of Anastasia, one would see a 100% resemblance. It is quite convincing; Tasia is Anastasia.

According to this Filipino version, Anastasia survived the murder of his family in Russia decades ago. She was locked inside a ship for her safety and landed in the Philippines. She married a Filipino but she never revealed her full identity.

When her grandchildren told her about writing a letter to the Russian government to locate her relatives, Lola Tasia turned the proposal down saying all will be killed if they were found.

Lola Tasia is now dead and no one can still answer if she is Anastacia.

Studies show that Anastasia was killed; she was murdered with her siblings in Russia. However, this is still not fully accepted since her remains cannot be found. US investigators concluded that one remains is hers, but a Russian team argued the conclusion.

Disney made a movie from this mysterious story of the Russian Duchess. It also depicted how some desperate people paid to present an impostor or fake people.

Critics are claiming the story of Lola Tasia  in the Philippines as an attention grabber. But let me point out some things:

1. Lola Tasia never claimed herself as Anastasia.

2. The family is not claiming that Lola Tasia is Anastasia. We are just looking at possibilities.

3. Anastasia is widely known as the missing Russian Duchess. It is like this: missing alive or missing dead. The question is: where is her remains?

4. Lola Tasia died without giving her full identity to people closest to her.

5. Only DNA test can say if Lola Tasia is the long lost Anastacia. A simple DNA test would make the story clear.

The author of the story was a mere family history tracker. She just wanted to know more about her roots. She did not make a research to find any possibility that the real Anastasia has been living in the Philippines. So back of, critics. Do not judge the story teller. Do not tell that she is just making stories to gain the spotlight.

CNN has this story on iReport. Let us just see the development of the quest. DNA! DNA! DNA! DNA! 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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