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Sarah Brightman’s "The War Is Over" For Every Soldier in Afghanistan

Only two videos got my eyes in tears. The first is Coke’s advertisement that featured an Overseas Filipino Worker who has never seen his child for decades. The second is Sarah Brightman’s song and MTV of "The War Is Over".

"The War is Over" is another deep music hit from the English singer that leaves strange effect to the heart. It touched my heart to hear the line “the war is over”. 

This morning, I have been reading articles about the withdrawal of forces in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is now becoming friendlier to people and that we are expecting that no more wars break in the coming days. I do not want to see another soldier, may it be American, British,Australian or Asian, dying. I do not want to see another civilian bleeding to death in the middle of the street in the Middle East country.

The past weeks, I was swept away by news reports about civilians being killed in the series of chaos in Africa due to oil reserves. Locally, our folks are getting anxious amid the China-Philippines tension over the Scarborough Shoal. Everyday and everywhere, there is war.

Honestly, I cried. The line “the war is over” is the dream of every concerned person. To see babies being brutally killed, women being raped by terrorists, political prisoners being held, rallies and demonstrations and the inhumane gun shots, is tearing every man's soul. 

I must admit, I feel lucky that I was raised in the rural playground of Sagada, Mountain Province. I am blessed to be born an Igorot, not a Pakistani, South African, Afghanistan, Arab or Iranian.

Baguio city is now a “promise land” to Mindanao people. These people, who sell pirated DVD's, take the risk of coming to the City of Pines not to do business but to look for peaceful living. Congrats fellow Igorots for making Baguio City a more desirable city!

“I’m coming home again”, a line from the soulful song, makes me optimistic. Many soldiers have been staying in Afghanistan to help maintain peace there. I hope that when they go home, they will not be pulled again to be deployed to the chaotic Syria. I imagine these soldier running to meet their little kids. Then they embrace their wives. Then their in-laws. What a meaningful life to every soldier in Afghanistan! Every soldier there is a hero, everyone's man! 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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