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Stupid Chinese Anchor Claims the Philippines as Part of China

Pink Underwear of Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is very famous as the toughest sheriff in the United States. He has his signature act of forcing prisoners to wear pink undies. We better turn him into an undercover in Iraq. If he dies, we will not cry anyway. Al Qaida would be happy to receive pink underwear from him.

Russian Plane Crashes in Indonesia
I was very surprised to know that no one survived in the air plane crash in Indonesia. As of now, it is unclear how this happened. Should we blame the weather? The pilot? The plan manufacturer? I am praying that the families of the victims will be okay in the future. God, I hate this kind of news story.

Red Cross Out of Pakistani Cities
What a shame for every Pakistani! The ICRC is now pulling off their workers in two Pakistan’s major cities. There were series of attacks by Pakistanis to these people who came to help Pakistan look for a better future. One staff was beheaded and the terrorists behind the crime even noted that it is the Red Cross’ fault because the organization did not give any ransom. What a shame Pakistanis! Now, I am proud to be a Filipino. Filipinos are better people than you are. We know how to value help from international organizations. 

Stupid Chinese Anchor Claims the Philippines as Part of China 
A Chinese anchor expressed that the Philippines is owned by China. This is the greatest mistake a journalist would commit. It is obvious that this anchor did not study common sense. Chinese never owned the Philippines. This is because of the tension between the two countries over Scarborough Shoal. China likes to have war with the poor Philippines. Philippines likes to use diplomatic means to resolve this. International court should meddle. China is becoming more stupid and none-sense with this series of incidents. I know Philippines has no resources to beat China. The stupid Chinese anchor should be grilled now! China should concentrate on manufacturing quality products without melamine, not issuing false alarms to its people. How dare their agencies to suspend flights to the Philippines! And oh, by the way, Philippines is already owned by the United States. China cannot own a country that  is already occupied by the White men. 

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