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Quality and quantity are two opposing words, when it comes to customer service. Quality refers to how well-built a product is and how excellent a service is. Quantity just concentrates on the number of production. If a brand is "quality", it only means one thing: less people are served but all of them are satisfied. On the other hand, "quantity" means more people are served but only a few are pleased.

Warning, this blog post is super offensive. It is full of garbage from Irisan Dumpsite. It was cooked with two kilograms of pepper from Kalinga. It can kill six people in two minutes, just like the untreatable gonorrhea. Think twice before proceeding.

Best Igorot Blog: Igorot Journal
The blog does not just give updates about hottest Igorot news, but also feed people with the right information. The analyses from its owners are justifiable and fair. Unlike other blogs, Igorot Journal handles delicate issues properly especially when it comes to Igorot discrimination.

Best Restaurant: Good Taste
Good Taste has been the saving grace of people who cannot pay P10, 000 to feed a crowd of 20. Good Taste does not just offer affordable food; the restaurant also dines the best food in town. Compared to its competitors, Good Taste has both the quality and quantity service the stomach needs. Other restaurants like Kalies in La Trinidad cannot win the heart of people because of its impolite and rude staff.

Best Igorot: Ingrid Payaket
Ingrid Payaket is no Paulo Avelino. The finalist of Pilipinas Got Talent has been shouting to the world that she is an Igorot, making her one of the most loved personalities. She speaks Ilocano when she is asked in Ilocano and mingles with other Igorots as an ordinary highlander. Payaket is undeniably the next Leah Salonga and Barbra Streisand. A brighter future is waiting for her.

Best in Tourism: Sagada
Sagada never spent a single peso to beg media networks to advertise the town. Sagada has been consistent on the minds of travelers. Everyone exiting Sagada becomes a Douglas McArthur saying “I shall return”. The Mountain Province town was born to become a top tourist destination in the country- without sweat. Other towns try hard to declare that their place is beautiful. And these towns try hard also to accept the fact that their place is ugly.

Best in Advertising: NIIT Baguio
NIIT Baguio is the leading in publicity, cheap or class advertising. From newspapers to Facebook to dirty Baguio walls, the school’s name is embossed. It has paid thousands of pesos to promote the school that was never categorized as a recommendable school.  Its administrator slash ambassador Vladimir Cayabas (whose face is everyone’s favorite) visits from one place to another, takes pictures with famous people then include them in newspaper ads, and inspires people to become successful. Saint Louis University is just laughing at this most advertised school. NIIT is the only Information Technology school without website, ironic!

More awards coming. More awards coming. More awards coming. More awards coming. 
Spoiler: 2012 Best Brand Award for Best in Traffic is Trancoville Jeepney Drivers. Coming soon. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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