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Baguio Pizza Restaurant: Zio’s Pizzeria Leonard Wood

President Noynoy Aquino refused to sign a waiver for the government to check on his bank  accounts. Before getting a pen to scribble his amazing signature, he must first go to Baguio City and eat some slices of pizza at Zio’s Pizzeria located along Leonard Wood.

Zio’s Pizzeria Leonard Wood branch opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 10 PM, so the President can spend a day here in Baguio then drives to the Zio's restaurant at 12 for lunch. Three of the best pizza servings that the most popular bachelor in the Philippines must try are personally dubbed as “egg plant pizza”, “cheezy cheese pizza” and “thin crust pizza”.

The “eggplant pizza” is good for vegans who love eggplants that come in different sizes. Kris Aquino, the president's most popular sister, will surely enjoy eating ten slices of this pizza while sharing gossips to Boy Abunda over the phone. Other pizza houses do not have this flavor. While eating slices of this "talong" pizza, the President can talk about controversies that his administration is into now. He can also give his opinion regarding the issue in the United States whether or not pizza is considered vegetable. 

The “cheezy cheese pizza” has the best scent ever (Dear Guinness Book of World Records drama). Its scent drives people to grab for more slices of it. It is perfect for Chiz Escudero who speaks with colorful Filipino expressions and puts some patriotic remarks into his press statements. The President should take out a box of “cheezy cheese pizza” to bring home for Grace Lee (the Korean celebrity will surely shout "I do, how about you?"). 

The “thin crust pizza” lets the President realize that pizza is a finger food. "Thin crust pizza" has some chunks of soy-dipped beef on top. The bits of mushroom, pineapple and tomato make him love Baguio more, despite the fact that not all Baguio people voted for him during the Presidential elections.

What the President will surely like about pizza servings at Zio’s is the overloaded toppings. Amazingly, Zio’s pizza is charitable when it comes to toppings.  One slice, which is just P30.00, makes a person very full already. But to PNoy, it makes him fuller because he is already full. 

When ordering pizza at Zio’s Leonard Wood branch, PNoy can have a pan which is 50% talong flavor and 50% cheesy. Thus, he won't be fighting with his companions when his companions prefer different tastes (some are into eggplants, others may not be interested with eggplants).

Zio’s Pizzeria believes in three things: quality, innovation and improvement. These three ideals have been bringing more customers to Zio’s, and more success. Undeniably, Zio's is going to be the number pizza house in town.

Now, like Zio’s on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ziospizzeria

And follow the restau on Twitter: www.twitter.com/pizzeriazios

Back to politics, there are other two politicians who expressed a big "no" to sign their waiver to allow government agencies to open their bank accounts: Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Congressman Neil Tupas. The two are also invited to taste Zio's pizza at the Leonard Wood branch before deciding whether or not be more transparent to the Filipino people. Ousted Chief Justice should now be declared as the "National Waiver Man". By the way, he is also invited to come up to Baguio for the Zio's pizza experience.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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