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Goodbye Dr. Cora Bomogao of SLU
Dr. Corazon Maria Odcheo Bomogao, former Dean of Saint Louis University School of Teacher Education, joined our Creator on June 19, 2012. She had been in the hospital for days, and finally bid goodbye to us for a more meaningful journey. 

I met Ma’am Cora when we were still setting up a student publication for Education students, years ago. She was present during the oath taking rite of the very first set of writers of The Tangkew newspaper. As far as I know, Ma'am Cora had been the most supportive dean of SLU. 

My second major encounter with Ma’am Cora was in late May three years ago when I was enrolling BS Education, as a completion for the Certificate in Teaching program. She examined my grades (I am a Communication graduate) and gave me words about the CIT program. She was very understanding about my situation as a  "working" student. She was a soft-spoken administrator, making me feel comfortable while dealing with her.

The next semester’s registration was a mess. It was not her who attended the registration table. Anyhow, I finished the program and passed the board exam for teachers after a year. 

She was the mother of all SLU Education students. I never heard any negative comment about her, for the record. I embraced the culture of future teachers and mingled with regular Education students as if I also knew how to make good lesson plans. Ma’am Cora was with us watching recitals, joining meetings and opening conferences.

I cannot forget her saying being big is her signature whenever we took pictures. Most of the time, she wore neck braces due to her illness. What I love most about her was that she spoke in Baguio Ilocano, a language that all Igorots use to deal with each other. For me, speaking in Ilocano is a sign of humility. And that humility is an ingredient to a good person.

Ma’am Cora passed away at age 59. She will be buried on June 23, 2012 (Saturday). A mass will be offered in SLU Chapel Gonzaga at 1 PM that day, before bringing her to her graveyard at Pyramid Kias.

Ma’am Cora remains to be a mother to every SLU Education graduate and student. 

Meanwhile God bless Dr. Felina Panas  Espique, who is now the new Dean the SLU STE.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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