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The Moment Manny Pacquaio Lost

During the Manny Pacquaio- Timothy Bradley fight, all eyes were on the screen. People were busy hunting for free screenings provided by politicians. Even the Traffic Management Zone cops were rejoicing that many car owners prefer staying at home to watch the fight. Organizations with events that day were afraid their members won't attend their event. It was a perfect time for some to relax from their stressful activities. 

Every punch from the People’s Champ slash singer slash model slash politician slash Bible Ambassador reaching Bradley was a victory to Filipinos. And every punch released by the younger opponent Bradley was a bitter gift to them.

And when the results were announced, the world was shocked. 

Bradley gets the trophy while Pacquaio gets only the word “loser of the fight”. As usual, Filipinos (and other nationalities), who cannot believe that three judges in the panel (five judges in all) voted for Bradley, start ranting online. 

Filipinos start hating other Filipinos who exclaim “Congratulations Bradley” or “Pacquaio lost”. They begin criticizing the judges saying these people should be “impeached”, just like former Chief Justice Renato Corona. They launch their “sports analysis” campaigns to prove that Pacquaio was cheated by the racist judges.

This also happened when half-Filipina-half-Mexican Jessica Sanchez lost in the U.S. singing competition American Idol and when full-blooded Filipina Shamcey Supsup did not win the Ms. Universe crown. Every election, the “bitter” behavior is popular. The late Fernando Poe Jr. is a classic example of this. Undoubtedly, it is a Filipino thing!

Even when Filipinos successfully win the trophy, they still express something negative to break the momentum. They employ “crab mentality” techniques. Now that Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is going to be a judge at the International Criminal Court, Filipinos are trying their best to destroy the senator’s reputation. 

These are shameless moves, rotting the Filipino brains. In Psychology, these moves can be categorized as "self-defense" methods. Such behaviors are the reasons why poor Philippines remains to be the old Philippines years ago.

Pacquaio’s public relations team, which is undeniably the best PR team in town, is now thinking how to turn the defeat into a heroic scene. The team will work on fictitious reasons to justify the defeat- a culture among Filipino people.

For sure, his team will release news reports saying that the boxer has been worried before the fight. The “divorce paper” issue will be taken into a higher level, without intellectually realizing that there is no divorce in the Philippines. Or, the PR team will share gossips that Pacquiao did not sleep the night before the fight because he was thinking of the future of his children. His PR team will always work to transform the tragic end into something sympathetic, just like how the team worked to hide the truth that Pacquaio has an illegitimate son by another woman. When the PR team will not be successful this time, the team will be fired.

When the boxer reaches home, Filipinos will still give him a “hero’s welcome”. Win or lose, Pacquaio is always a hero to every Filipino for bringing the country to the boxing sport’s map. He is also a hero to Catholic priests because he supports no-condom sex, even after her wife admitted to have been using contraceptives. He is also hero to Bob Arum because the boxer is making him richer every fight.

Manny is a always a hero as a boxer, not as a Bible Ambassador.

P.S.: I cannot blame Filipinos and other people who believe that Pacquaio should have won because it was expected by everyone that average Bradley will lose. However, not all expectations happen.

The real reason why Pacquaio lost is because all gays on earth prayed to God that he should lose. #justsayin'

Thousands of people are now crying. They are crying because they lost in their deal games. Talo na naman sa pustahan!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. i totally agree!

  2. who the f$#k are u to even voice out opinions about Filipinos?

  3. have you got one knowledge about the sport of boxing to distinguish a fair fight result from an unfair one? look at your face, you need someone to knock some sense into your head. just sayin'.

  4. this site is not full of garbage. this site is garbage.

  5. can u please remove your face from this site.... in fact, can you please remove your face from the internet??? PLEASE!!!

  6. wag mo kami isama dyan 'filipinos', bradley won a fair fight. walang laman yung suntok ni money pakyaw kaya walang bahid yung mukha ni bradley. Salamat at natalo din ang pinaka ipokrito na celebrity ng Pinas. Mbuhay ka Bradley, nasa sa yo ang hanga ng buong Pilipinas... except yung mga bopol na yellow zombies at yung blog owner na ito

    1. bobo ka at yung 2 judges

    2. mas bobo ka. iba yata laban yung pinanood mo. Tama yung dalawang judges, panalo si Bradley. Si Fuckyaw puro porma wala naman laman yung suntok, puro suntok bakla. Tinda nalang uli sya ng donut.

  7. Obvious naman na di nagbabasa ang mqa nag comment na mga ito bago sila nag react.....

  8. what the fuck ayusin nyu ung mga comment nyu prang d kau civilized na tao....kau na bahala talo kng talo...d nman sa lahat ng panahon ekw nlng parati...darating rin ung panahon na cla naman...


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