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Who is God? Is He A Criminal?

God is symbolic person who is responsible for all the good things around. Man is responsible for the bad ones. When a person wins an international competition, he knows that God gave him the victory. When he lost, it is because the President has not been supportive of him.

God has a sweet name. His name sounds like candies and lollipops for children. However, his name is sacred to utter when things become bitter and ugly. God is not responsible for the un-sweetened things. God also gives pajeros. How sweet! That is why gamblers and womanisers believe in Him, every Sunday. 

God is present in Churches. He is also the Church, the structure. God is the walls covering His sons busy abusing His daughters. God is the wine that His children drink to be saved from the fire of hell. However, some people believe that God is also inside the homes of people. They believe that God is standing on gymnasiums. The late Mountain Province congressman Victor Dominguez says otherwise. May he rest in peace, with God. 

God is present in government offices. However, only the Roman Catholic God is present inside the government offices in the Philippines. Other Gods are absent. They are not known, since they have not yet joined the X Factor Philippines. 

A young leader wants to oust God in public offices. Catholic priests now want to oust this young leader who proposed the burning bill. The leader is now a foe to these Catholics, not to God because God knows that there is separation between the Church and the State. God knows that because He took Political Science subjects in Saint Louis University under the  supervision of Atty. Bernard Padang. 

The young writer asks: how about the God of Muslims who is always under-represented? Some people know where his whereabouts. But they do not like to talk. 

In the US, people strictly ban God in government offices. They respect other religions. In the Philippines, all people are assumed to be Catholics. Thus, all priests are assumed to be “single forever” and all people are assumed to be believers of JC (modern-day term for Jesus Christ).

How about other Gods? How about Kabunyan of Pagan-Buddhist Igorots in the north? How about Allah of Muslems in the south? How about the no-god of atheists in the center? If the Roman Catholic God is present in government offices with no due paper, why not arrest Him as a criminal. If people say He should not be arrested, then get all other Gods to find a seat in government offices. 

All religions in the Philippines should be respected. No to religious discrimination done by the Catholic church! It is as if RC is the only religion in the country. God does not like that kind of behaviour, for sure (He gave me His number and I called Him maybe). 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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