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Cliché News Reports in the Philippines

I admire how ABS-CBN revamped TV Patrol Weekend. The newscast televises  escapade stories and tips, including wonderful domestic destinations and mouth-watering Filipino delicacies. The program also showcases the transformation of news anchor Alvin Elchico, from a serious personality to a warm presenter.

What are we watching everyday? Here are the plot templates of stories we watch on TV Patrol weekdays. 

1.    The state head visits a place to talk about programs crafted for the natives of the specific place. Militant groups conduct rallies and demonstrations while the state head is delivering speech. “Erap resign!"

2.    New government programs are launched. But the programs receive criticism. It is said that the country is not ready for the programs. "Dapat, hindi pa implement yang K to 12 kasi hindi lahat ng mga paaralan sa bansa ay handa para sa bagong programa."

3.    When the rain pours, there is flood. People in flooded areas are transferred to evacuation centers. The president is being blamed for the flood. “Kasalanan ito ni Gloria eh”.

4.    A demolition team attacks a home to informal settlers. Exchange of rocks and gun shots occur. Informal settlers do not beg to the real owner of the land to give them some sympathy. They insist they will not leave. “Dito ako ipinanganak. Dito ako naghahanap-buhay. Dito ako mamamatay.”

5.    Social Weather Station or Pulse Asia releases new findings about the performance of prominent people. All those who received poor grades do not recognize the study.  “Hindi naman yan totoo eh. Sampong tao lang tinanong, Pilipinas na daw yun”.

6.    Members of a militant group destroy things to prove they are right. They believe vandalizing things helps improve the economy of the country. Cops forcefully drive them away. The militant group complains. “Ganyan ba ang police, pinoprotektahan kapakanan ng iilan, hindi ng mga ordinaryong mamamayan.”

7.    A talented Filipino gains publicity abroad after performing. Critics in the country start attacking the Filipino. "Hindi naman siya totoong Pinoy".

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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