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Cordillera Foundation Day: the Mad Truth

Classes and work tomorrow all over the Cordilleras are suspended. This is not to give tribute to the King of Comedy Dolphy Quizon. It is to celebrate the founding day of the region.

Students and mostly workers are rejoicing over the announcement. Doctors and nurses in health centers ignore the good news. These life saviors know no holidays at all.

Some mothers are not yet aware that they should not wake up early tomorrow to prepare their kids’ school stuff. They think that typhoons are the only reasons behind class suspensions.

The original Cordillera founding day is set on July 15. However, it was moved to July 16. The influence of moving a holiday that falls on a weekend to the nearest weekday is called “Gloria the Economist Trend”.

Cordillera was once known as Mountain Province, with Bontoc as its capital. Cordillerans are also known as “Igorots”, means people of the mountains. Unfortunately, being Igorot is inherited. Young people from the region cannot say "parents ko lang ang Igorot"

Most people from Ifugao, Kalinga and Abra cannot accept the fact that they are considered Igorots also. They can kill not to be called that way. They are the first people to discriminate themselves, before the lowlanders.

The most popular Cordillera land is not Baguio City. It is the Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao. It is erroneously known as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”. King Kong and Lara Croft love this blog for that. Now, Banaue is more known for the destructions around the once wonderland. But still, we believe we can rebuild Banaue Rice Terraces with the help of Steve Jobs. Sagada is the new fave of the crowd. Thousands flock there to visit the majestic Sumaguing Cave. Others have separate aims in going there.

The Father of Cordilleran politics is the late Mountain Province Congressman Victor Dominguez. His family had been ruling the province for decades. (Baguio City’s Elaine Sembrano is a Dominguez also). He left a legacy to every individual in his home province: it is okay to demolish a small hut being used for religious activities, to give way to the construction of a gym. 

Dominguez was also a genius. He allotted his pork barrel for the scholarship of deserving students in Mountain Province State Polytechnique College. "Deserving students" means these poor individuals who voluntarily campaigned for him during the past elections.

The Modern Father of Cordilleran politics is Mauricio Domogan, who was born in the border of Mountain Province and Ilocos Sur. He is known to be the most charming lawyer ever. His juicy words are incomparable. His words of wisdom are truly treasured. His tandem with Baguio City Congressman Bernardo Vergara means road closure for re-re-re-reconstruction.

Cordillera will always stay strong. The Ondoy and Pepeng typhoons, alongside with the 1990 earthquake were the worst in history. But still Cordillera rose again and was able home more people. Now, not only Igorots roam around the region. Muslims also are starting to invade the northern region of the Philippines- a proof that Cordillera is a desirable place to live in.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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