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Dateline Cordillera by Agnes Kollin Now Available

 Agnes Kollin is a retired teacher from Sagada, Mountain Province. Her new book Dateline Cordillera accounts significant developments of the Cordillera region, from a pure Igorot land to a colorful melting pot. 

As a first-class educator, she mentored hundreds of students who are now excelling in their careers. As a full-blooded Igorot, she knew how fellow highlanders “prostitute” their once sacred culture. As a prime woman she noted all the ups and downs of the region in the hands of people, the good and the bad.

Dateline Cordillera is a collection of essays Ms. Kollin wrote through the years. She gives tribute to Bado Dangwa, a well-celebrated Cordillera hero. She features Sagada, a flourishing town-resort in the rugged Applai territory. She gives a glimpse on how his family survived a murder case filed against her son years ago. She brings back the old color of the University of Baguio where she finished her undergraduate college education.

Packed with old black and white pictures, Dateline Cordillera contains a database of some Kankanaey terms in the book’s glossary. The young Igorot generation needs that part.

Undeniably, the book is not all about Cordillera. The work mentions about Ms. Kollin’s philosophy in life and how she views the very obsolete term "war". One essay measures the guts of Presidential wanna-bes during the 2004 elections when Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was installed as the elected-President of the country.

Travel with Ms. Kolling using a time machine turned into a book for P250.00 only. During the first release of this 150-page book, it was priced at P500.00. Contact me on Facebook for orders. We only have nine remaining copies. Other copies were sold already. We hope for another round of printing to serve more readers here in the country as well as  the international book-lovers.

Personal Notes:

I was one of the first to avail of the Dateline Cordillera by Agnes Kollin. I spared money to buy a copy. I showed the book to my aunt Helen Lizardo Teliao. In fact, Aunt Helen was a classmate of Ms. Kollin at UB (Baguio Tech then). Upon finding the page that contains  the school of hymn of UB, my aunt started singing with hand beats.

Two things made me love the book:

a.    I love how Ms. Kolling presented the murder case against her son. It was very humane. For me, this part serves as the "climax" of the book plot. I felt every word in the essay and every emotion she had when she was writing it.

b.    Ms. Kolling is a hero for lambasting on the old Igorot women at Baguio City’s parks who wear our native attire and ask for money for photographs. Her criticisms are the exact words that my political brain has wanted to hear.

Dateline Cordillera now Available. Contact me now. 


Hope for Charles

Meanwhile, I would like to call for the attention of Sagada National High School alumni and friends who sincerely want to help me with the collection of donations for Charles Ansibey. Charles is an 18-year old guy from Sagada, who is sick with leukaemia. Our target is to raise funds to pay for his one round of chemotherapy (P17,000). We are glad to inform everyone that many individuals are helping us, but still we need more people to beat the goal. Let us all unite to save a life. Thank you. Nan Diyos nan mangsubalit sin anos yu :) 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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