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Episcopal Church Approves Same-Sex Blessing Service, Vatican Still a Loser

The Vatican seems to be an outdated book relic. It looks like a self-declared precious gem, a home of horrible secrets and a major loser. I believe in Christianity as faith, but not as a religion.

Vatican continuously allows the death of millions of people through imposing its impractical beliefs. It condemns artificial birth control methods. It promotes ineffective contraceptives that even its lustful followers do not use. Thanks Microsoft's wife Melinda Gates for a being a truly concerned woman! The Vatican can never understand the concept of contraception because it the Vatican is composed of men who claim to have zero-sex-life.

Now, pedophile Catholic priests and bishops who have fathered babies and have raped women are hiding under the hood of Pope Benedict XVI. Roman Catholicism is waiting for the world to lose every inch of respect its founders have worked on for centuries.

My respect to a few Roman Catholic priests who are really doing their duties as human beings on earth. There are a few Catholic priests who are truly lovable. Kudos to them.

Roman Catholicism and the Episcopalian Church/ Anglican Church may be similar to believers. However, the Episcopalian Church is more liberal and is an upgraded and updated RC. Episcopal Church, which is under the Anglican Church in England, allows women to become priests and does not demand for alms. It is one of the greatest legacies of the British monarch.

Last week, a session in Indianapolis led to the approval of same-sex blessing service.

In the new policy, it is well defined that the rite is a simply a blessing. It is actually a step closer to marriage, since marriage is still defined as a union between a penis and a vagina. 

"Blessing" is a theological response to a monogamous relationship, according to Nancy Davidge, media affairs representative of the Episcopalian Church.

The Episcopal Church is still considering if the new policy should be made permanent.

The Queen’s statement regarding this good news is still unavailable. Her words for sure will be a big slap on the face of the Vatican, which is nowadays a very notorious name after scandals concerning a state bishop-turned-President who admitted of fathering kids while he was still on religious service, a bishop who was caught on camera hugging a woman in bikini, an Irish priest who accidentally showed a porn clip in mass using a projector, and Irish pedophile priests.

Other losers include the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches. These sects rejected measures to grant formal church recognition to gay relationships. They share the same stupidity with people who banned gay blood donors. For sure, the leaders of these groups do not watch Ellen, How I Met Your Mother and Glee.

Alongside with the Episcopal Church in respecting the emotions of gays is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the US. However, the sect is not yet giving full support to the advocacy. This is the start. Soon, both churches will craft specific rites for gay couples- maybe when this blog has retired.

Long live the Episcopal Church! Long live the others sects and people who believe that gay love is still love! Long live Google for legalizing love on the internet! Long live everyone!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. How exactly is the Vatican a loser in not permitting same sex marriages again? You didn't adequately explain why. Yes, the RC has lots of scandals, but that's just a lot of noise beside the point, given that your subject is on same sex marriage.

    You also conveniently omit the verifiable fact that the Anglican Communion is also split between liberals and conservatives and this "acceptance" of same sex unions is in no way universal.

    By the way, if the Queen's message is still unavailable, then how can you be certain that it would be a slap to the Vatican? It's a case of counting your chicks before they're hatched.

    In any case, I'd highly doubt it. The Queen of the U.K. is head of the Anglican Church in a country that's increasingly becoming atheist. Fact: Despite all the RC's scandals, the number of RC worshipers in England has grown and has overtaken the Anglican Church's own statistics.


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