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Goodbye Dolphy Quizon......Muwaaah!

Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr, more popularly known as Dolphy, passed away last night. Thus, the new typhoon in the Pacific decided not to visit the country in the meantime.

The typhoon released a statement saying "I will give time to Filipinos a time to cry. I shall come any time."  Kuya Kim replied "hu u?". As of press time, school children are expecting Malacanang to suspend classes to give them time to give tribute to the King of Comedy.

According to media reports, Dolphy was surrounded by his children when he finally returned to the Creator. He will be meeting Fernando Poe Jr. in heaven. Dolphy will give updates about the life of Susan Roces here on earth.

Dolphy's death is a top news. Sorry former Chief Justice Corona, Dolphy is now more popular than you are today. Don't worry, you will regain your post soon.

Old people, I mean older, remember Dolphy for his epic role in “John en Marsha”. I watched him first on “Home Along da Riles”. He had a series of comedy shows on ABS-CBN before transferring to TV5. However, my brain cannot recall the titles of those shows.

My favorite about him was his statement during a forum with retired Filipino soldiers in the United States. He was asked if he uses Viagra. His answer was "di na ako gumagamit nun, katabi ko mismo eh Viagra na". Standing ovation for Zsa Zsa!

For women, Dolphy will be remembered as a humorous womanizer. He was a proof that women love guys with humor regardless of their social standing. That is the truth. He was never married (another shocking truth?). His loves include Gracia Dominguez, Gloria Smith, Baby Smith, Evangeline Tugalao, Alma Moreno and Zsa Zsa Padilla. No Jennylyn Magsaysay guys!

And his kids:
Manuel "Manny Boy" Quizon
Salud "Sahlee" Quizon
Rodolfo "Dolphy Jr." Quizon Jr.
Wilfredo Dominguez "Freddie" Quizon
Edgar Quizon
Rolly Quizon
Mariquita "Kaye" Quizon
Carlos Quizon
Geraldino "Dino" Quizon
Edwin Quizon
Ronaldo "Ronnie" Quizon
Enrico "Eric" Quizon
Madonna "Dana" Quizon
Jeffrey "Epi" Quizon
Rommel Quizon
Vandolf Quizon
Nicole Quizon
Zia Quizon

He wished for a National Artist award. But the National Commission for Culture and the Arts never granted him that simple thing. The asshole agency kept on giving the citation to other artists, who in fact less deserve the recognition. Maybe, they will recognize Mura and Mahal next.

The country is mourning over his death. I wish politicians, especially the Vice President who sees himself replacing PNoy, will not use this sad event for their political agenda. Oops, it seems my prediction is really happening.

Another prediction is that his films will be played on ABS-CBN, like what happened to the classic films of the late FPJ. and Rudy Fernandez. Maybe the giant station will call the program “Sine Dolphy”. ABS-CBN can't use the name "Pidol" or else Manny Pangilinan will throw them bombs.

Rest in peace Dolphy. 'Till we meet again. Comedy continues.............with gays. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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