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Hope for Leukemia Patient Charles Ansibey

Second of July 2012. 

This afternoon (5:30PM to 6: 30PM), we will be collecting financial donations from alumni and friends of Sagada National High School. We have set a minimum of P100 for gainfully employed individuals.

Charles Ansibey, 18, was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia and is in need of six cycles of chemotherapy. One chemo cycle is worth P17, 000.00. Charles is from Ambasing, Sagada and part of the SNHS batch 2010-2011.

Our target is to raise funds to suffice his one cycle. How can we beat this goal?

1.    Share this sad news to other kailiyans. It will not hurt to mention about his condition. Let us share his burden.

2.    When we receive text messages or read Facebook posts about this thing, please share them to other kailiyans. This move is very simple to do and will not ruin our texting or Facebooking habit.

3.    Sacrifice for his condition. One hundred pesos (minimum) may worth a bottle of gin on a Saturday happy hour. But enjoying a happy hour is so pathetic when we are aware that one of our kailiyans is lying on a hospital bed helpless and restless thinking where will his family get the hundreds of thousands to pay for his hospital bills.

4.    Continue praying for the fast recovery of Charles. Keep believing that God is sending miracles through humans- you and me, that's us!

When we launched this campaign, we  received a strong support from people who are either alumni of SNHS or not. That is worth the tears of a charitable event organizer. Suggestions poured and we have to admit those things are magnificent. 

However, we have to go back to the deal with the patient’s family that we are collecting donations within the alumni (and friends) circle only. As promised, the campaign does not involve any foundation or government agency. We respect the agreement.

We may be tapping non-government organizations that are willing to assist us, but that will happen next. As of now, all we have to do is to utilize ourselves and our resources. Let us first do our best as close individuals to Charles before calling for help from others.

See you all this afternoon from 5: 30PM to 6: 30PM at the Lizardo Station in Dangwa behind the Baguio Center Mall. Please do come and donate.

a.    For those who are living in distant areas, please ask someone around Metro Baguio to give your share.

b.    For those who have special concerns, please find the most convenient way for your donation to reach us. All we have to do is to use our common sense. No more silly questions please.

Matago-tago tako am-in. See you all.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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