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How to Win in the 2013 Elections

Politicians and leaders, 2013 will be another challenging year to gain the trust of our constituents.  On May 13, 2013, the Filipino people will be segregating trustworthy leaders from traditional politicians. And we do not like to lose our people to less-trusted people.

Winning the 2013 elections demands four things:

a.    Extreme will to win the election and the solid heart to accept the position you will be vying for. You will win as long as you are programmed to be victorious, in heart and in mind.

b.    Genuine projects that you have done since you were born. Yes, since you were born because all the good things that you have done even when you were a 10-year old student are remembered by people.

c.    Excellent online reputation campaign. You need a support system from online experts who can bring your name to a higher level of prestige. Thanks to the internet that you can reach almost all people in the world for this cause.

d.    A strong support system from your family and neighborhood. People who are close to you are special people. They are credible in giving testimonials and voluntary works to assure your win in the 2013 elections.

The Internet Makes You Win: Why?

That is a promise. The internet is enough to make your name more superior. The internet alone makes people love you and all voters writing your name during the special day in 2013.

Take note of the following facts:

1.    Almost all people are using the internet to learn about something or someone. They Google your name if they want to know more about you. You also do that, don't you?

2.    We are on a digital generation wherein all people use the internet to do their thing. They sell using the internet. They influence other people using the internet. They raise funds using the internet. They communicate to long lost friends using the internet. And you can also use it to win the 2013 elections.

3.    The internet provides a perfect avenue for you to draw the young crowd. Almost all people use Facebook (almost 1B worldwide). When you invite people, you can just post a message on Facebook and Facebook users will be the ones to inform others about the message.

4.    Promoting on the internet is almost free. Yes, using social networking sites, blog sites and forums does not require you millions of money. All you need to do is to hire online reputation managers who can effectively deliver your needs.

Reputation Test

If you are a politician wanting to lead in the 2013 elections, you are an inch away from your dream. First, let us do a very simple activity to have a glimpse of your reputation.

a.    Go to Google Search.

b.    Type your name in the search bar and click “enter”.

c.    If you have the results, answer the following questions:

1.    Are the results saying positive or negative about you?
2.    What are the websites that talk about you?
3.    Do you think the results can be advantageous or damaging to your political career?

d.    Read the contents of the results. Assess if you seem to be a heroic leader  or such a bad ass to the internet.

For sure, you will be surprised. There may be accusations that are purely baseless but you cannot just attack the source site. Others would be surprised because no search results are provided. That is a big no-no. When you run this 2013, people will be using the internet to know you further. What if they cannot find any info about you? That means you are an empty name, not prominent. Take note: prominent names are the subject matters of forums and talks. And they are more likely to win because they are known.

Our Assistance

No problem if you like to set up an online reputation team for you. We are here to help you win the 2013 elections by using the internet. 

Our challenge is to:

a.    Impart accurate info about you and your plans for your people
b.    Correct the malicious mentions strategically without exerting too much effort
c.    Build an excellent reputation that will bring thousands of votes for you.
d.    Bring you closer to homes of your constituents without physically visiting them in their geographical locations
e.    Grow your social network for future purposes

Did you know?

Barack Obama won the US elections because of the internet.
The internet is the leading source of information. Media men working for TV, radio and publications use the internet for their reports. Thus, dominating the internet means dominating all media. 

Strategies to win the 2013 elections does not include spending millions. It is about having proper online brand reputation management.  And we can help you buld one. Email us at christianaligonow@gmail.com if you like to win.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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