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Pass the RH Bill Now!

The Reproductive Health Bill is sizzling in the country. Lawmakers have tried their best protecting the bill but it seems that the Roman Catholic Church is too strong enough to pull the bill down.

The texts in the Bible remain to be more superior than the factual details mentioned in the bill. Since the arrival of Spanish missionaries in the land, we were taught to believe that God never liked us to use condom when having sex.

The RH Bill supports giving education to Filipinos on how to plan their family with the use of science. The bill likes us to love our bodies.

Upon learning about the bill, the Roman Catholic loudly opposed the bill saying everything the bill is saying is evil. Funny but it seems that these people who are not into sexual activities (assuming) are talking about it. They are like lowlanders who have never been to the mountains but have the guts to talk about life in the highlands. 

And the debate started, leaving the poor poorer and big families bigger. We followed what has been preached literally: Go Yeah And Multiply.

Even since the first day, we all knew that natural family planning is a big failure.

The United Nations released a statement saying the Philippines needs the RH Bill badly. According to the international organization, the RH Bill is an answer to the rising number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases cases in the country. Logically, opponents of the RH Bill love to see the population of the country and STD cases growing (as long as the Word of God is being obeyed).

It is only the Roman Catholic Church that is opposing the bill. Unfortunately, we never gave other religions the chance to give their opinion about the bill. 

Where are our Muslim brothers? 

Where are our Protestant Christian brothers? 

In the Philippines, we are only recognizing one religion. We are only asking for the stand of one religion that seems to have made all things in the right order.

Why do we always depend on the Roman Catholic Church? 

Are we making laws subjected to the approval of that religion? 

Are we all Roman Catholics? 

What a shame to our Muslim brothers in Mindanao who are always left behind!

Push through with the RH Bill!

FYI: We are not angry at the Roman Catholic Church. We just want them to stop talking about this thing that they claim not to be doing: sex. 


Here is a write up from rhbill.org: 

1. Protect the health & lives of mothers

The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that complications arise in 15% of pregnancies, serious enough to hospitalize or kill women. From the 2 million plus live births alone, some 300,000 maternal complications occur yearly. This is 7 times theDOH’s annual count for TB, 19 times for heart diseases, and 20 times for malaria in women. As a result, more than 11 women die needlessly each day.

Adequate number of skilled birth attendants and prompt referral to hospitals with emergency obstetric care are proven life-saving solutions to maternal complications. For women who wish to stop childbearing, family planning (FP) is the best preventive measure. All 3 interventions are part of RH.

2. Save babies

Proper birth spacing reduces infant deaths. The WHO says at least 2 years should pass between a birth and the next pregnancy. In our country, the infant mortality rate of those with less than 2 years birth interval is twice those with 3. The more effective and user-friendly the FP method used, the greater the chances of the next child to survive.

3. Respond to the majority who want smaller families

Couples and women nowadays want smaller families. When surveyed about their ideal number of children, women in their 40s want slightly more than 3, but those in their teens and early 20s want just slightly more than 2.

Moreover, couples end up with families larger than what they desire. On average, Filipino women want close to 2 children but end up with 3. This gap between desired and actual family size is present in all social classes and regions, but is biggest among those who are poor.

4. Promote equity for poor families

RH indicators show severe inequities between the rich and poor. For example, 94% of women in the richest quintile have a skilled attendant at birth compared to only 26% in the poorest. The richest have 3 times higher tubal ligation rates compared to the poorest. This equity gap in tubal ligation partly explains why the wealthy hardly exceed their planned number of children, while the poorest get an extra 2. Infant deaths among the poorest are almost 3 times compared to the richest, which partly explains why the poor plan for more children. An RH law will promote equity in health through stronger public health services accessible to poor families.

5. Prevent induced abortions

Unintended pregnancies precede almost all induced abortions. Of all unintended pregnancies, 68% occur in women without any FP method, and 24% happen to those using traditional FP like withdrawal or calendar-abstinence.

If all those who want to space or stop childbearing would use modern FP, abortions would fall by some 500,000—close to 90% of the estimated total. In our country where abortion is strictly criminalized, and where 90,000 women are hospitalized yearly for complications, it would be reckless and heartless not to ensure prevention through FP.

6. Support and deploy more public midwives, nurses and doctors

RH health services are needed wherever people are establishing their families. For example, a report by the MDG Task Force points out the need for 1 fulltime midwife to attend to every 100 to 200 annual live births. Other health staff are needed for the millions who need prenatal and postpartum care, infant care and family planning. Investing in these core public health staff will serve the basic needs of many communities.

7. Guarantee funding for & equal access to health facilities

RH will need and therefore support many levels of health facilities. These range from barangay health stations, for basic prenatal, infant and FP care; health centers, for safe birthing, more difficult RH services like IUD insertions, and management of sexually transmitted infections; and hospitals, for emergency obstetric and newborn care and surgical contraception. Strong RH facilities will be the backbone of a strong and fairly distributed public health facility system.

8. Give accurate & positive sexuality education to young people

Currently, most young people enter relationships and even married life without the benefit of systematic inputs by any of our social institutions. As a result of just one faulty sexual decision, many young women and men can lose their future, their health and sometimes their lives. We insist on young voters’ education for an activity that occurs once every 3 years, but leave our young people with little preparation to cope with major life events like puberty and sexual maturation.

9. Reduce cancer deaths

Delaying sex, avoiding multiple partners or using condoms prevent genital warts or HPV infections that cause cervical cancers. Self breast exams and Pap smears can detect early signs of cancers which can be cured if treated early. All these are part of RH education and care. Contraceptives do not heighten cancer risks; combined pills actuallyreduce the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancers.

10. Save money that can be used for even more social spending

Ensuring modern FP for all who need it would increase spending from P1.9 B to P4.0 B, but the medical costs for unintended pregnancies would fall from P3.5 B to P0.6 B,resulting in a net savings of P0.8 B. There is evidence that families with fewer children do spend more for health and education.


Fact Sheet- Health Benefits of Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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