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SLU Student Leaders: RIGHTS

Responsible and Intelligent Governance Highlighting Transparency and Studentry [R.I.G.H.T.S.]
-Prepared by Gideon Hope Cachero 

The RIGHTS Family is a political organization that has been a forerunner of critical inquiries on political and societal issues centering on youth and student welfare and development.
Established in Saint Louis University in early 2008, the RIGHTS Family has consistently immersed itself in programs and advanced policies that encourage the moral and rational growth of the youth.
It has steadfastly believed and acted for the holistic development of the youth especially in provisos of reasonable education and for the general improvement of the Filipino well-being.
As stated in our name, the RIGHTS Family is continually promoting and espousing nationalism, transparency, social responsibility, the importance of all-inclusive education, and upright leadership.

We envision RIGHTS as an institution steadfast in the holistic growth of the youth infused with  a sense of nationalism, integrity, leadership, and prudence; centering on the ability of the youth to initiate and generate affirmative change in himself and in the society towards a progressive future.


DECENTRALIZATION: Dispersion and distribution of rights, functions, and powers; specifically: the delegation of power from a central authority to assemblies and organizations. Functions which school assemblies or organizations perform effectively belong more properly to them than to a dominant central body.

MUTUAL COOPERATION: Organizations, members of organizations, students, and local communities share in profit and effort in stimulating academic, informal, and practical learning. Promote a common effort and a common benefit in the all-inclusive development of the student and the community.

EMPOWERMENT: Give official authority and capacity; promote the student’s self-actualization and influence. Provide the students with a means or opportunity; due recognition of students in KASAMA/SSC and University Administration policy making; to make practical, possible or easy student participation without losing the quality of policies, activities, and strategies for students.


Through the years, RIGHTS has spearheaded and developed programs, policies, and activities for the hands-on practice and application of the three core principles of RIGHTS: Decentralization. Mutual Cooperation. Empowerment. Such programs, policies, and activities exist and are still benefiting not only the internal machineries of the KASAMA/SSC but the entirety of the Louisian Community as well.

Some concrete engagements:

·         In 2009, the percentage-system allocation of the general fund to each school assembly as determined by the number of enrolled students in each school, respectively; branches of the KASAMA/SSC as determined by performance of office and budgetary necessities.

·         In 2010, in furtherance of fund allocation, first in the history of the KASAMA/SSC, is the budgetary allocation for SCHOOL-BASED ORGANIZATIONS as determined by performance and justification of sensible activities.

·         Easy and streamlined paper-processing in the KASAMA/SSC with proper procedures and guidelines.

·         The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between KASAMA/SSC and SLU Administration in 2008 on the proper segregation of garbage which eventually led to the creation of CAY-GO of SLU-NSTP and the Louisian Environmental Management and Auditing Committee [LEMAC] of Saint Louis University.

·         In 2009, In collaboration with the PRO-COR, PDEA, BFP, and PNP, the KASAMA/SSC and SLU-NSTP initiated the semi-annual Safety and Security forum and Drug Prevention Forum which is still existent today.

·         The continuous subsidy of students [curricular and extra-curricular] who wish to present thesis/researches and compete in regional and national competitions.

·         The Louisian Charter [as approved by the SLU Administration], where:

           During academic year 2009-2010, students were asked thru questionnaire [sampling method], of the current service-giving offices in SLU needs further improvement.

           Improved services by the library, such as extended borrowing of books: Duration of time, overnight policies. Streamlined MOPG in a bid to facilitate [make easy] in availing of services from the Library.

           A continuous trial and error for the best practice in queuing long lines starting with the Student Affairs Office. An easy and streamlined MOPG in processing procedural activity papers [for organizations] in SAO.

·         In 2010, with the incessant push for the Louisian Charter, the KASAMA/SSC was granted formal seats in the various policy-forming committees in SLU.

·         Countless outreaches and medical missions in the far-fetched areas, especially 3rd-class municipalities in the Cordilleras. One instance here in Baguio is the Relief operations and medical mission during the Ondoy-Pepeng Typhoon onslaught in November of 2008 where the KASAMA/SSC was granted the SLU Covered courts as its base of operations. Public and private individuals were tapped for contributions of any kind.

·         Other activities in promotion of sports, music and arts:

           Sports festivals, “Battle of the Bands” competitions, cultural shows, skill and talent competitions; academic quiz bees, essay writing, poster making contests and the like.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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