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Fast Cash Loan Online in the Philippines From Lenddo

For business expansion and personal growth, we need sacks of money. However not all the time, our financial resources meet our demands. We go to financial loan service providers that offer us hassle-free and simple ways to avail of personal cash loan and business loan programs. Let me introduce you to Lenddo, the world’s first online platform in bringing financial services to people who have gone social.

I encountered this site recently and I believe it is worth-sharing for employed people who are having financial difficulties now (I understand how it feels to beg for a fast cash loan from friends and even from strangers). In the Philippines, we know how tough it is to save cash and how easy to spend especially when we are in front of our favorite shops. 

For us to avail of the personal/ fast cash and business loan programs from Lenddo, all we need to do is to:

1.    Log on to the Lenddo site (Philippine version). Sign up for an account; this will take 2 minutes of our time. Registration is free!

2.    Connect all our social networking accounts: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Connect our Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts also to the site, for us to have a comprehensive and credible profile.

3.    While completing our profile, we can see our score beside our profile picture. The more accounts we connect to the site, the higher the score we get. Mine is 614 (by just connecting my social networking accounts). We need a minimum of 400 points to be able to avail of the cash loan and business programs.

4.    Build a “trusted network” out of your social contacts. Have at least 3 members in our own Trusted Network. Lenddo has a special feature to use in inviting our contacts to join our network. Our trusted network members can be our co-workers, close friends and family members.

5.    We must be working (and of course, receiving salary).Thus, we must declare where we are working at. I think this won’t hurt.

6.    We must not forget our bank account, which is crucial in availing of the personal and business loan programs.

7.    Lenddo also needs an official identification number issued by a local government agency. Simple, isn't it?

As we can see, all the requirements are easy to provide and basics ( I am sure you have them ready now). When we complete all the mentioned steps, we are ready to apply for a loan. Please visit Lenddo’s website for more information about the terms and conditions when borrowing money. Anyone of us can apply for a loan, as long as we are in Colombia or in the Philippines.

What I love about Lenddo is that all the needed transactions are done online. We do not need to go to Manila or to their office just to borrow money. Thanks to the internet, life is getting easier! We just go online after work and all our financial worries are solved in just minutes.

However, we should maintain being transparent, honest and engaged to Lenddo. To know more about personal and business loan programs offered by Lenddo, simply log on to their site. I am sharing this good news, hoping you also share it to your friends. 

P.S. add me in your trusted network. It sounds sexy, isn’t it? This Lenddo video is also sexy. Let's watch it. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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