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Reputation consists of all the good things that you have done in your life, from birth until the very second you are with us on this blog. During elections, reputation claims its value since it is the foundation of a trustworthy candidate. Only those with reputable names are elected to office. Politicians whose reputation has been tainted by scandals, issues and other notorious deeds see their political ambition fading in the horizon.

Since the internet is the most used source of information nowadays, it is advisable to use it to manage your reputation. “Election reputation” deals with three aspects:

1.    Introducing a less known public servant to the public

2.    Setting the public mind that the public servant is great

3.    Fixing the negative impression of the public about a public servant

We have come up with a seminar-workshop for you to learn how to use the internet to manage your reputation. The seminar-workshop will bring national personalities who will discuss how to publicize your name, gather funds, convince voters, influence the public and comprehensively manage your reputation.

Learn about the seminar-workshop here. When you register, never forget to enter this code toavail of a 10% discount (CHLAB119). Plus, inform me immediately via Facebook so I can help you with your political endeavors (that is a promise).

Meanwhile, here is a list of very simple online campaigns that you can do to boost your reputation.

Campaign 1: Impression Creation

This campaign is best for those who are not yet online. Here, we introduce you to people so they will have an idea about you. Some oldies do not like this idea just because they claim not to be “techie individuals”. Why not ask for help from your 18-year old grandson on how to create a Facebook page? Once you do not go online, you are missing big opportunities to interact with your voters.

a.    Facebook account creation- to interact with  people

b.    LinkedIn account creation- to highlight your profession

c.    Online public profile creation- to make public the essential info about you

d.    Official personal blog site/website creation- to have a total grasp of what people should be talking about you

Campaign 2: Image Re-engineering

This campaign is for best for those who want to utilize the internet to influence other people. The challenge is to feed people with the stories you want them to know about you. You must set how the public perceives you. You take a pick what image you like to portray and use the internet to successfully achieve the desired image.

a.    Support blog creation- to integrate your interests or advocacy

b.    Local forum membership and participation- to express wonderful thoughts

c.    Facebook viral campaigning- to cover more Facebook users

d.    Web content contribution- to position your name in different websites while influencing more web users

Campaign 3: Image Troubleshooting

This campaign is best for famous politicians who are facing negative publicity. Public figures are prone to damaging online posts and defamatory claims of insecure individuals. Combating these headaches may take careful strategies to be able to restore a once good reputation.

a.    Press release and conferences- to tell the press what you believe is true and right

b.    Blogger reviews and conference- to solicit for good online reviews and positive mentions

c.    Online loyalists group creation- to get ambassadors who will "fight" for you online

d.    Online community involvement- to create a fresh and warmer image

e.    Online mention tracking- to thank those who have mentioned you online and give appropriate responses

f.     Campaign 1 and 2 boosting- to provide more “positive” links that may appear in Google Search results.

The three campaigns seeks for the help of people who can build creative profiles, write informational articles and make web pages searchable, usable and visible on the internet. Send us your reputation manager to join the 2-day seminar-workshop and we make the 2013 elections a victory for you. Register here and do not forget this code again (CHLAB119) toget a 10% discount plus my tender loving care assistance. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.

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