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Saint Louis University: the RIGHTs Choice

Eight years ago, I found myself signing a contract with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). I fortunately qualified for a CHED Scholarship, which was extracted from people’s taxes.

There were conditions to be followed. I had to enroll myself in Saint Louis University (SLU) because the Catholic school was the only accredited institution for Mass Communication education in the Cordilleras. I had no choice, but it was a right pick.

For four years, I was the only Communication student of SLU who was a CHED scholar. After completing the degree, I was given (along with other scholars and grantees) a pompous credit which I believe deserves all my efforts.

It was a tough world beating the conditions provided by CHED. I am proud I was among those who made it to graduation- as a scholar.

The decision of giving SLU the accreditation to accept CHED scholars for Mass Communication education is undeniably unquestionable. SLU is considered a top school, beating other schools in Metro Manila.

SLU’s Mass Communication department implements a generalist’s curriculum that trains students in all facets of mass media operation and communication: Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Development Communication, Advertising, Public Relations, Photography, Theatre, Film, Television and Radio.

I believe SLU just needs a special subject on social media. Social media is now getting a main stream communication channel, which demands another approach to communication.

In my stay at SLU, I had a tricky time dealing with teachers and my subjects. Most of my classmates when we were in first year ended up shifting degree to hotel and restaurant management or English. Others went to other schools in a bitter note accusing SLU of being an old-fashion institution with old teachers and old facilities. They cannot accept the fact that it was them who failed in our subjects because of their irresponsibility and laziness, not the old Mass Comm laboratory that still plays VHS VTRs up to these days.

When we mingled with other Mass Comm students from other schools, we enjoyed being branded as academicians – a typical SLU breeding.

People have very high regards to SLU products. The board examination performance of SLU is supreme. SLU is a leading center for nursing, teacher, engineering, law, accounting, medical technology, etc education.

I am proud I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) last year after taking the required Education units at SLU. During the Oath Taking ceremony, I was seated beside other “professional teachers” from the lowlands and they had one phrase for SLU grads going up the stage: “Wow, taga-SLU”.

Recently, SLU made it again to the top-performing school for medical doctor education. All of my friends in the School of Medicine are now doctors! I fooled them: “di na kayo arbularyo”.

SLU does not need to pay a space in Baguio Midland Courier or on ABS-CBN Baguio to advertise its educational services. Professional Regulatory Board (PRC) and CHED, two of the main educational authorities in the country, are marketing the school for free already- an exclusive reward for the best.

Another thing that makes SLU a lovable school is its democratic treatment to “political” people (like me). Since first year, I had been “politicking” inside the school. I joined academic organizations and played as a student government officer for my own growth. I had been a Commission on Elections officer, a Hotspring newspaper editor, Secretary for Public Relations and a Commission on Audit team member.

Now, I am passing the throne to other student politicians (“leaders” sounds better). I endorse Responsible Intelligent Governance Highlighting Transparency and Studentry (RIGHTS) candidates. I trust Cordillera’s best student and nationally-recognized debater Victor Atitiw to lead the SLU student community.

As a graduate of SLU, I stand as an ambassador of the school’s educational services to the public. One time, a parent from my home town told me she did not send her son to SLU because she thought SLU was a very expensive school. She was wrong. SLU offers the most affordable educational service in Baguio City. She thought University of Baguio was inexpensive. She was again wrong. It was a “mission to transform” moment explaining to the mother that SLU may sound “the most expensive” but “the most affordable” in reality.

I am thankful CHED dictated me to go to SLU. Now, it is time to pay back people’s taxes worth P96, 000.00.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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