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Update: Justice for Sarah Gemalyn Becyagen

The brutal killing of 22-year old Sarah Gemalyn MacholiBecyagen is extremely devastating to any human being. 

We are praying (and even cursing) that suspect or suspects surrender to the police as soon as possible.

This morning, a story by Artemio Dumlao in Philippine Star confirmed that Becyagen was found dead Monday midnight at a vacant lot fronting the Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School (MPGCHS) in Bontoc.

According to police investigation, information about the death of the 2nd year Computer Technician at Xijen College suggest that the motive of the suspects may be robbery. All her personal belongings, including a Samsung phone, were missing.

The report says nothing about the victim being found naked, inserted into a canal and raped, which were the stories of our sources for our previous blog entry. Hmmmm...

Meanwhile, a Facebook post from Thomas Palpal, an uncle of Sarah. 

In behalf of the family of Sarah Gemalyn becyagan, I woulk like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who in one way or another extended time, efforts, help, support (in cash or in kind), prayers, comforts and condolences to us during our time turmoil and agony..... we can never repay back what you have given us since the time she was identified to be the victim, up to now.... We pray the Lord to be the one to give back with all HIs mercies, which can never be numbered....

Sarah (according) was noticed by jogging children at dawn of Tuesday, at the small camote-planted space beside the road, between the Lam-en house and the kiosko towards MPGCHS. She was lying on her front down, with pants down, and with no more life.... she could not be recognized that time then, her cellphone is gone, with her school bag... it was good that the alleged suspects opened her umbrella and covered her on with it. and the umbrella was marked with her name...

when I saw her at the morgue, she was no more her natural appearance.. her face was deformed.... with her lips smashed, her right side face was seemingly cracked, with blood dripping from her ear..... her neck and upper chest were blue/violet, probably due to hard kisses around, and finally strangulation.... her body down the hands and toes sustained a lot blues and bruishes; and a sign that her knee was hit with a hard object.. Hence it can be concluded that she had struggled so hard and fought hard for self until death....

we appreciate and acknowledge all efforts of everybody, the civic actions, the police operations and the actions of the officials of mountain province .. we thank you.... we appreciate and acknowledge also the move of the OFW organisations world wide to fund raise for a reward to anybody who can pinpoint the suspects...

at the moment, we finally realized and accepted that Sarah is gone....... so, as I said, Sarah is no more to come back to us, and the only thing we can assure ourselves is to commit her to the Lord... where there is no pain, no problem, no tears, no hardships, no troubles; but joy, happiness and service to the Lord...

HOW ABOUT THE EFFORTS OF THE POLICE, AND EVERYBODY to solve the case?.... all the actions, appeals, the calls for justice should be for the protection of all the girls and women who can be potential future next victims.... meaning, we have to do something as a society to stop such acts of brutalities. this should be the motivation for all.... meaning, everybody must move and do something.... i am very sure no body would want another like that to happen, especially among your family members. Would you like to be worrying every time a daughter went out?...... Would you like that people (especially boys) think that girls in Bontoc are free and easy to just pick up for rape? And am sure it will not be only in Bontoc, but surely in other parts of the province, if the case will be unsolved...


Again and again, our thanks and gratitude to everybody.....

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Becyagen Palpal

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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