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Amalayer Paula Jamie Salvosa: 10 Truths That You Should Not Know

1.    Amalayer’s real name is Paula Jamie Salvosa. Her parents must be ashamed of the surname now. Poor and innocent parents! They are unfortunate to have a pretty daughter with maldita effects.

2.    The Amalayer video was originally posted on Facebook by Gregory Paulo Llamoso. He claimed he wanted the material for TV Patrol's CCTV Patrol. But now, the video is also being utilized by GMA 7.

3.    Yesterday, the hashtag amalayer peaked at number two among the trending twitter tags worldwide. Proudly Pinoy! Another Made-in-Manila brand. 

4.    Salvosa is studying at La Consolacion College in Manila. However in the video, she claims she is already a "may pinag-aralan na tao". Rumours have it that she was kicked out of the school after the video spread on the internet. 

5.    The lady guard Salvosa was confronting in the video is Sharon Mae Casinas. In a GMA News report, Casinas claimed she never raised her voice's pitch during the conversation. The video supports her claim. She is now the protagonist of the story.

6.    A parody of the video was released, hours after the LRT 2 video went viral on the internet. A friend of mine believes the nature of the parody video backs the reason why we need the Anti-cyber Crime Act. True or false?

7.    The bottom line of everything: Salvosa was stopped by Casinas because the Amalayer girl failed to put her bag on the conveyor of the X-ray machine for checking. Now, who needs an apology?

8.    Salvosa joined the MYX VJ Search 2012 audition. But her audition did not give her enough publicity. Now, she has got maximum publicity!
9.    There are other issues that we need to pour our attention to, rather than checking Salvosa's grammar. Say for instance, the reading of this blog post about Donna, a chronic kidney patient, is totally more productive and more helpful to the humanity. Please help give Donna hope. Thanks.

10. Before there was Amalayer, there was Sinottocopy. And before there was Sinottocopy, there was darkness.

By the way, we've got some good news for you!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Maybe we're just misjudging Paula Jamie Salvosa or the "Amalayer". We only saw the part when she was mad at the lady guard and we never saw or never bother to know what really happen before the thing happen in the video. So let's stop this, we're already bullying her over the limit and it's not already good. Please Stop now.

  2. what she gained were just instant reactions from people. truly, it is time to move on. enough of the criticisms to give her a new start.....hoping she will change her attitude :)

    1. He who has not sinned. Cast the first stone

    2. He who has not sinned. Cast the first stone

  3. The way she handled the situation is wrong but everybody snaps once in a while. We don't really know what happened. If she's really telling the truth and the LRT lady is lying, you will be pissed off. The initial reaction to many of us if this happens might be the same reaction like she did even we don't utter the same exact word. Only a few of us will be calm with the same situation. The video only shows one side of the story. We didn't see how rude the LRT lady to her according to what Paula claims. If both videos are shown then we might change our perception to this matter. We should always be open minded if we did not witness the whole thing. Anyway, I do not condone of what she did but let's try not to judge anybody for only one incident. Everybody sometimes makes poor judgement. With all our comments of what had happened, did we all say the right polite comments to her no matter what she did to correct the behavior or did we also react the the same thing like saying hurtful words to her the way she reacted on the situation. Most of us are doing the same thing. Judge not so that you will not be judged. Also, stop cyber bullying. Each of the people involved did not authorize of the release of the video. In the Philippines, are you covered with Privacy Act or Cyber Crime???


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