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Up Close and Personal with Political Dynasty

Concerned Filipino people are working hard to abolish political dynasties in the country. However, Senator Peter Cayetano held his ground saying nothing is wrong with political dynasties. Truly, the only wrong thing in this world is the ending of ABS-CBN’s hit series Walang Hanggan.

What is “political dynasty” again?

It is a succession of rulers from the same family (please do not think of the Queen in England). Let me add some insights to the original definition: it is the succession of rulers from the same family or line with the permission of people who elect these rulers.

What are the synonyms of “political dynasty”?

First is “Macapagal-ization” which has evolved to “Arroyo-tion”. Another synonym is “Aquino-nity” which sounds more positive to Filipino masses due to “Cory-fication”.

Is there any scientific concept behind this?

A new gene called “Code PX” was discovered by scientists in 2099. The gene allows family members to share an interest in government structure, socio-economic issues, moral preservation, social justice, and human philosophy. With the Aquino’s in the Philippines, the only member who has the highest amount of Code PX in the blood is the smart Kris Aquino. Unfortunately, she never ran for an elective position. However, the older sister of Kris clarified things out saying “we are a family with a history of public service in our country.” Okay then, let us not call it a “political dynasty”.

If “political dynasty” was a crime, who must be afraid of this?

Nancy Binay! A daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Nancy is running for a seat in the senate. She once told the media that she would rely on her family’s good name in campaigning. The truth is that we do not know who Nancy is. In fact, Uncle Google and Auntie Wikipedia also do not know her that well.

What a colorful politics, the only professional that permits losers to write a book. Some say politics is actually “poly tricks”.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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