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10 Reasons Why the Philippines is Still Poor

Open your mind before reading this blog post. You might say this post is anti-Filipino. I say it is real Filipino! You might say it is disrespectful and unjust. I say it is satirical. If you think an item has gone too far, that is your opinion and I respect that! Be courageous enough to admit what is happening around. That is the starting of something good!

1.    Filipinos do not like change at all. They keep on electing the same people with the same clothes and the same bangs. They think that only one family is capable of ruling the country. Filipinos also love committing the same mistakes.

2.    Filipinos react immediately when other foreigners mimic the way Filipinos speak. Filipinos negatively understand mentions in books, films and opinionated write-ups. They say everything is nothing but discriminating. But when Filipino artists mimic other nationalities, they say it’s for fun.

3.    Stupid Filipinos think they know everything about English. When international Filipino beauties speak in English, these stupid Filipinos think that the beauties’ English is full of errors in a major major way!

4.    Young Filipinas were born to become maids and/or wives of old Caucasians. They were not born to become the boss of these white-skinned men.

5.    The all-knowing Catholic Church likes to be the State. The Catholic Church wants to be inside the State, disrespecting lawmakers. The Catholic Church thinks that she is the only religion in the country.

6.    Filipinos are fond of coming to parties two hours after the set call time. The worst is that they just come for the picture-taking.

7.    Every guy in the Philippines wants to be as handsome as Jericho Rosales. Every girl in the country wants to be as beautiful as Anne Curtis. Every gay in the country wants to be as glamorous as Tyra Banks. But no one wants to be as satisfied, hard-working, and generous as Pokwang.

8.    Filipinos want to become Caucasians, and to be American citizens. They do not like their brown skin. They spend money for glutathione capsules but never thought of their rising debts!

9.    When someone is rising to international fame, other jealous Filipinos try to make silly accusations to put the person down. Even the accent is a big issue to local Filipinos.

10. Filipinos want to blame other people for their irresponsibility. They love blaming the government and other individuals for their carelessness and unreliability.

Expected reaction: HINDI NAMAN LAHAT!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. I agree. The truth hurts. =)

  2. Truly, the bloody truth.....Someone warned me about publishing this post.

  3. True. We might be capable of admitting our flaws and shortcomings; of looking at problems and their solutions; of what should be started, stopped, or changed. We can even conjure an ideal image of how we, others, and what the world the rest of the world should be. We know for fact that change is needed for progress. Despite this however most people prefer to remain trapped in their perpetual habits and customs. Change only remains in their thoughts but not in their actions.


  4. I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work and exposure! Keep up the superb works guys I've included you guys to our blogroll. yahoo login mail

  5. To the point Christian, that how we should be! Lets all be proud to be Filipinos and learn to stand up when insulted especially by those who think we are beneath them because we are brown.

    Actually I feel so bad and makes me so mad that other nationalities are the bosses even in our own country... WHY???

  6. When I have been to Philippines, I wouldn't say that this country is poor. Moreover, a lot of tourists are interested in this country, including me.


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