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Going Back to Sagada- As a Tourist

As humans who are prone to stress, we must unwind from time to time. Holidays are created to make sure that our body and mind are getting re-energized in preparation for life's tougher challenges. So everytime the government declares a long weekend or holiday, I go home to Sagada.

Sagada's Best Guest Inn: Misty Lodge

Together with TravexTravel’s Joven Chico, I went home to Sagada last month. I booked  for five people but unfortunately, the others did not surface leaving me blank. Thankfully, Misty Lodge was there to cater to all my last-minute thingy.

Misty Lodge is one of a kind in Sagada. It is situated 15 minutes away from the town proper , in solitude. It is embraced by the green sight of the Cordillera Ranges. Even though my other bookings were cancelled (I was really totally embarrassed telling Manang Sigrid that my other companions backed out), Misty Lodge did not mind that. Joven stayed there for a night then we looked for another guest inn the next day since all rooms at Misty Lodge were already reserved for other people.

Misty Lodge has also a small restaurant in its first floor. There was a group that was set to take lunch there. We showed them the way going to Misty Lodge upon knowing that these guys were wondering about the way going to there. 

I have been recommending the guest inn to acquaintances going to Sagada, because I have put my trust on the people there. To book your stay at Misty Lodge, beep Bogan Y. Mencias at 0999-445-9899. Visit their Facebook account, or just follow them on Twitter. 

Latang Underground River: Through A Virgin's Eye

I have to admit that I was mesmerized when we reached Latang Underground River. It was my first time to reach the underground river and I felt I was in the underground home of the phantom in the Phantom of the Opera.

I was with Joven and two friends whom we met while roaming around the town. The two- one American and a Filipina, were seating behind us in the bus. We started conversing when we were standing in line waiting for the GL/Lizardo Bus to arrive. We went exploring Sagada, and the climax of everything was when the American tourist asked me about “B-Cull”. My explanation was that a B-Cull is a Caucasian breed of chicken.  Bull’s eye!

Food, Food and Food

It was one of the most memorable vacations I had because of two things. First, I tested how knowledgable I am about my hometown. Second, I tasted different kinds of food (again). 

By the way, food in Sagada is expensive. One good meal is worth P200.00. Hotel price?

We went to Lemon Pie House to grab some lunch. Of course, I ordered a slice of lemon pie which came seconds after I told the waitress about it. Undeniably, Lemon Pie House has the best lemon pie in town! 

I also ordered one chicken meal and waited for almost an hour to get my food. Joven was already bored lying down on the floor when the waitress came with the food.

What else have I eaten when I was in Sagada? Put Etag and Pinikpikan in the list. Add Saliket and Patupat. Oh, how I missed these food!

And here is my favorite pic!

On the 22nd, I am returning to Sagada to spend the Christmas season with my family there. My brother George, more known as Laguipen, is getting married. Who wants to come with me? We set a "Christmas in Sagada 2012" tour for those who like to spend their Yuletide in the cool Igorot town! Check this out (Sagada Holidays)!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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