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Merry Crisistmas Day!
The Mayan calendar says that the world is ending this 2012. Thus, there will be no Christmas anymore. Signs to know if it is doomsday include:

a.    The biggest White village will have a Black man on top of the house (this means all the impossibilities have already become possible)

b.    The president of a country with 7,100 islands has no wife (this means child birth is no longer a necessity to human race)

c.    A country declares the head of its neighboring country the “sexiest man alive” (sex, lies and Kim Jong-un)

d.    Santa Claus was diagnosed in a hospital waiting to be privatized with a new disease called “SCAM” (no explanation needed).

However, the truth why Christmas will be no longer celebrated is because the Philippine Senate has decided that all people celebrating Christmas should vote against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

Moreover, publishers of the Christian Bible will be correcting an error about the Three Kings who brought gifts to the new-born child named Jesus. The truth is that there were Four Kings.

The fourth king was Manny. However, no one knows if the King was from General Santos City (Manny Pacquaio) or from Philex Mining Corporation (Manny Pangilinan). The fourth king was supposed to bring pearl from the Philippines but has not yet arrived until now due to heavy traffic along EDSA.

In other news, some GMA 7 staff members were caught watching the station ID of ABS-CBN 2. These staff members should be declared persona-non-grata. In other words, these people have showed the truthful bitter reality.

For decades, the Philippines has been known to be celebrating Christmas season starting September. The country ends the celebration in August (of the next year). How we wish to never hear these things:

a.    Boring ang Pasko ngayon kasi walang dumating na padala from abroad!
b.    Duty ko ngayon sa hospital on the 25th of December kaya early na lang tayong mag celebrate, as in November 1st na lang ang Noche Buena!
c.    Krisis ngayong panahon kaya wala munang Pasko-pasko (we say this every year).
d.    Wala akong Love ngayong Pasko kaya it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas.

Anyway, we have a set of three things to do this Christmas!

a.    Plan a global tour with Global Tour Club. You might want to see the Great Wall of China, visit the Queen in England, then have a relaxation treat in Boracay! Just ask my friend Sammy at 0917-8612-499 of GTC and she will be the one to process your accommodation in at least 2-star hotel (yes, she can bring you to any of their accredited 200,000 hotels around the world). Show her your itinerary and she will do the rest. Look at me; I have my itinerary (but I do not have the cash yet).

b.    Sagada Holidays is organizing a fun tour this December 27-28, 2012 for only P1,999. The deal covers fare from Baguio to Sagada and back; one-night accommodation; tourist registration fee; tour at St. Mary the Virgin, Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, Latang Underground River,  Sugong Hanging Coffin, Lumiang Burial Cave, Sumaguing Cave and Kapay-aw Rice Terrace; and more surprises. For more information, email us at sagadaholidays@gmail.com before December 15, 2012.

c.    Café Sapore in Legarda, Baguio City (near Baguio Palace Hotel and the new office Unique Printing Press) was just opened for some solemn bonding with nature or someone. The place is very spacious and clean, giving you a ton of fresh air to breath while eating fruit salad or drinking some special flavored iced tea. Don’t worry; Café Sapore has a wide parking space and free wi-fi connection. By the way, “sapore” is an Italian word which means “flavor”.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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