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Under the Skies of Sagada: Take Me Home

Last Christmas, I went home to Sagada. And here’s my pasalubong! Sorry for the not-so-high quality of these pics since I was just using my phone camera. 

Under the Skies of Sagada: The very amazing Chico River and the dusty road climbing the mountain up to Sagada.  

Under the Skies of Sagada: This is our new plaza! The center building is the new municipal hall. The road going down leads us to Ambasing, while the other snake takes us to Besao where the sweet sunset can be seen on special days.

Under the Skies of Sagada: Akin baey? It belongs to our beloved mayor Eduardo Latawan. Engineer Latawan is seeking for a third term. Will the people of Sagada give their trust to him again? Let's wait for the May 2013 Elections for the answer. 

Under the Skies of Sagada:It's the facade of the Sagada Weaving store! Sagada Weaving has just obtained its patent to use its two-diamond design. Thus, other stores offering the same product are starting to explore other indigenous-looking designs.  

Under the Skies of Sagada: The road leading to St. Theodore's Hospital, which is now under the management of St. Luke's. Still, most people in Sagada prefer going down to Bontoc General Hospital or up to Besao General Hospital (promise, this is the truth).

Under the Skies of Sagada: This rock, located west of Kilong, is a landmark. When I was younger, I never dared to peep out of the window when on this spot since this road is on a cliff.

Under the Skies of Sagada: This road was damaged months ago. Part of this road sunk. As expected! It has been a known fact that this part of our hometown is a sinking area.

Under the Skies of Sagada: The Cordillera Grande! 

Under the Skies of Sagada: Tourists and locals stand in line to wait for the next bus that will take them to Baguio. Pinagbibisita manen!

Under the Skies of Sagada: Top-load legs! We rode on top of a jeep when we went down to Bontoc for some reasons.  It was totally fun feeling the wind and dust in the cheeks while doing a Titanic pose!

Under the Skies of Sagada: At St. Mary the Virgin during the wedding of my brother Laguipen. I seated at the back to capture the mood of the event. It was a solemn afternoon rite.

Under the Skies of Sagada: Businesses are conquering the once-idle areas near Sumaguing and Lumiang Burial caves. Can you see the Gaia's snack house?

Under the Skies of Sagada: These are my lovely folks from Mapun-ay and Pokongan, Ambasing during our New Year Party. Can you see the rolling mountain rangers disappearing in the horizon?

Under the Skies of Sagada: My brothers and relatives load chops of pinewood into the jeepney.

Under the Skies of Sagada: It's more fun at Sagada Homestay, owned by the Fiar-ods. 

Under the Skies of Sagada: Locally-produced coffee beans. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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