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Infinite.ly Web Page: Our Online Call Card
The Philippines grows hundreds and hundreds of web and mobile developers whose services are being outsourced by big businesses across North America, Australia, and Europe. How about keeping all these professionals and creating a Philippine version of Silicon Valley in California?

Very possible, especially now that more multi-national companies are venturing into Philippine soil to benefit from skilled and patient Filipinos. In fact Google, the biggest giant on the internet, is opening its Manila office.

One home-grown startup that can be thrown to the competitive arena of web hosting is Infinite.ly.Infinite.ly, just like Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress, lets anyone create and publish a website with ease. We created a web page using Infinite.ly tools and here is our product.

We decided to create a one-page website using an infinite.ly subdomain (P1, 600 for one year registration of a domain plus web hosting). This webpage serves as our online contact page or call card.

Elements of our Infinite.ly Web Page (follows Business page template):

1.    Our logo, which is also being used as our avatar
2.    Our web page title which comes as text.
3.    Texts
4.    Social networking widgets
5.    Pictures that are provided by infinite.ly

As promised, a site can be launched in just 60 seconds. But I spent almost a day exploring the wonderful features of the site. I made different versions of our web page. I am not an IT or a techie so it took me quite some time to understand every corner of what I was crafting.

What do I love about this infinite.ly?

1.    It follows a drag-and-drop format when adding elements of the site. This makes polishing of site easier. This is perfect for non-techie people like me.

2.    It is equipped with necessary widgets or website elements that modern websites should use. Among of these are social networking buttons, texts, logo, line, rectangular box, circular shape, star, picture, video, social media streaming, contact form, gallery, text tabs, and others.

3.    Infinite.ly has readily customized website formats for personal blogging, business website, portfolio and other specific types of sites that everyone needs. Once a template is picked, essential widgets are already installed onto the site and ready for further customization. For our web page, we tried two templates and customizing was easy and fun.

4.    Quality pictures are available for those who have no HD pictures on their laptops. These pictures are also really perfect for modern websites. Actually, two pictures on our site are lifted from infinite.ly.

5.    The available fonts are quite sophisticated. I enjoyed using different fonts and applying them to our texts.

On the other hand, what are the limitations of infinite.ly? Note: these are minor glitches that can be fixed by developers so I don't find these as major players in criticizing infinite.ly. 

1.    Uploading of pictures takes quite some time, and there are no editing tools available (just the crop tool).

2.    The size of the web page cannot be adjusted, unlike in Blogger.

3.    The infinite.ly too bar is positioned somewhere in the center of the web page, not in the bottom part or the top most part. This is totally irritating.

4.    I had a tough time fixing the overlapping of pictures and texts.

5.    The social networking button offers only the major networking sites. How about other networking and bookmarking sites that are essential in optimizing the site?

6.    When two full-wide pictures are aligned vertically, the published version shows no alignment of the two pics. Too bad! 

When editing the page, this is how it looks like:

Infinte.ly Grade= 85%

Infinite.ly offers ease in creating and publishing a webpage, different templates for different types of site, and modernized user experience. To sign up for a free account, click this.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Christian, thanks for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed the overall experience building your site with Infinite.ly. I hope you'll continue using Infinite.ly as we improve the product further and integrate your feedback into our upcoming releases.

    Team Infinite.ly


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