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Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Hits Baguio City

At exactly 3: 16 PM a while ago, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hit Baguio City causing schools to cancel classes. 

I was in front of my laptop when it started shaking. Bottles placed on top of a stand in my room started falling. The table I was using was moving before my eyes. The sound of the building being shaken terrified me. 

I had no choice but to keep still and wait for the shaking to stop. 

According to reports, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 13 kilometers east of Baguio City. In some areas, the earthquake was felt at intensity 5.

The earthquake lasted for about 15 seconds. When it stopped, I continued palpitating.  That was the strongest earthquake I have experienced in my life.

I was logged on to Facebook during the shaking. Seconds after, tens and tens of users posted their insights about the phenomenon. Some posts were serious; others were just making fun of the incident.

I am glad no one posted "repent now". Reports have it that no one was hurt during the shaking. Thanks God!

The second worst shaking I can account took place when I was still studying in Saint Louis University. At around 1 in the afternoon, the shaking started. I was aware that the shaking was getting stronger when electric wires connecting two buildings in SLU were shaking. It was a horrible sight. 

SLU admin cancelled our classes that afternoon minutes after the shaking ended. It was a chance to go to SM! However, I chose to go home for safety reasons. I just learned that some displays in SM were damaged after falling down during the earthquake.

When it comes to earthquakes, our parents have more horrible experiences. They were already grown ups when they 1990 earthquake hit Baguio City and nearby provinces.  This sight is more terrifying:

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