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Pilao Windmill Farm to Power Sagada, Besao

Pilao Ridge along the boundary of Sagada and Besao, Mountain Province can be a promised land to electricity-consuming people of the two towns- and even the country, if PhilCarbon would be able to put up a windmill farm along the terrain. 

In the ongoing community dialogue, PhilCarbon, a renewable energy company headed by Besao native and Sagada school-educated Engr. Rufino Bomas-ang, is eyeing to erect 10 windmill towers along the terrain.

A press release from PhilCarbon stated:

"Philcarbon, Inc. is the RE Developer of the Sagada-Besao wind farm under the terms of its Wind Energy Service Contract No. 2011-12-048 with the Philippine Government, through the Department of Energy. The allocated contract area for the Sagada-Besao wind farm is 648 hectares in the interior and along mountain ranges of Mountain Province, north of Luzon.

Because of the ideal wind regime for wind farming along the project area with an average means speed of 6.9 m/s, the Sagada-Besao wind farm is among the priority wind farm projects in the Philippines. Given the terrain and topography of the site, a 15 MW capacity is initially considered.
The proposed wind farm is located at the boundary of Sagada and Besao and will generate 32.196 GWh. The Project is expected to create approximately 21,395 Carbon Credits per annum.

Job opportunities during construction, increased revenues for the local municipalities, barangays and the province, promotion of tourism are some of the local benefits that will flow from this project.

In the light of the reforms under the Electric Power Industry Reform Act, the project financing will be privately sourced. Its development is entitled to investment incentives as set forth in the Renewable Energy Act of 2008."

In March 2012, PhilCarbon was able to secure public support from the two towns, despite questions from a few individuals.

“The reason for the support is that the project is non-polluting; it does not destroy the environment and it benefits the community”, said Bomas-ang.

According to the project’s supporter former Sagada mayor Thomas Killip, the $30M project can provide 15 megawatts of power.

“An ideal wind path means a steady source of power,” Killip described the project in 2011.

Jude Domoguen, general manager of the Mountain Province Electric Cooperative (MOPRECO), specified that the total electricity consumption of the province is at 4MW.

He added that the excess from the generated wind energy can be sold to the national government.

During the community consultation, current Sagada mayor Eduardo Latawan Jr. urged his constituents to support the project.

“The local tourism industry will also greatly benefit because the wind farm will add a graceful landmark to the panorama of the Pilao mountain ridge which is frequented by tourists,” Killip was quoted.

PhilCarbon noted that royalty and other benefits will be shared by Sagada and Besao.  The energy firm specified that the host LGUs will automatically be entitled to royalty mills equivalent to P0.01 per KWH generated.

Moreover, the royalty will be divided among the host LGUs with 25 percent going to the barangay, 40 percent to the municipality and 35 percent to the province. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Is the project really going to power Sagada and Besao? My understanding is that the output of the proposed project will be sold into the Luzon grid, and that there is no plan to provide subsidized power to the host communities. If that is the case, what is the basis for suggesting that the project is intended to power Sagada and Besao?

  2. It is best to join consultations to clarify things in front of PhilCarbon people. Let's throw them questions as concerned people. If your understanding is correct then maybe we could ask PhilCarbon to consider your insights :)No one knows what's best for us, except ourselves :) Cheers!

  3. If ever this happens, gusto ko yung design ng windmill hindi kamukha nung nasa Ilocos, kasi mas ambient sa beach yung windmill dun. Dapat pag sa Sagada, parang yung mga windmill sa UK. Maganda tignan pag nasa bundok. =)

  4. Joven, thanks for raising that issue. The model in Ilocos is one of the latest and the safest, compared to those we see in old communities in the UK...... When we go back to Sagada, let's visit the Pilao Ridge to have a clearer picture of the proposed windmill farm :)


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