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Old Mass Comm Days
One of the proudest things that I always mention during “bragging feasts” is that I graduated from Saint LouisUniversity (SLU) on time and as a government scholar. I did not repeat any subject and had no dropped class cards ever (weh?).

Thanks to my teachers who always believed that I do not deserve an "F" mark. Thanks to my classmates also who accepted me despite of my "Chrizziness".

I remember, we were required to attend the Search for Ms. and Mr. College of Human Sciences (now School of Humanities) for our Journalism class and I took pictures using a borrowed Sony camera.


Old Mass Comm Days: Rapz posing for the camera. Now, he never fails to text me. I always fail to text him back. Alam niyo na ang walang load!


Old Mass Comm Days: Chander, April, Jovy, and Olmigy. The last time I saw Chander, he was with a small child  (that must be his kid). I've got no news on the whereabouts of the other three. But I know, they are doing well in their field of expertise.

 Old Mass Comm Days: It's Edmond's side look! I was super thrilled to see him attend Law school at SLU. One day, I will soon call him  "Attorney Edmond!".

Old Mass Comm Days: Rhudz, Julianne, Nicole, and MC. Nicole now works at ABS-CBN. Oh, those MC's innocent braces! 

Old Mass Comm Days: At the mini-theater in Perfecto Building where small plays were staged. Of course, Lejandro is the most gorgeous in the picture! Anyone who likes to argue with me?

Old Mass Comm Days: Representing our department were Macky and Michelle.

Old Mass Comm Days: Pau and Ingrid presenting during the Search.

 Old Mass Comm Days: In the background are Racer and Reden (who is now Mr. Ann Roldan).

Old Mass Comm Days: Four pretty ladies standing in front. But the prettiest is the one taking the photo! Where is Mary Christine when we took this photo?

 Old Mass Comm Days: Unfortunately, these lovely girls did not graduate with us in the same department. You know what I mean.

Old Mass Comm Days: Michelle and Lei, two of the loveliest ladies ( I need a back up!)  in the department. The great Fourth Floor Lobby had been exhibiting the beauties of these two.

 Old Mass Comm Days: It's Timothy! Sad to say he disappeared after some semesters. When we were still studying, he was already doing some gig. 

Old Mass Comm Days: Janette shifted to AB English. And I was extremely, totally, severely and churva-ly shocked to see a pic of her in a wedding dress! I missed the wedding (and the free food LOL).

Old Mass Comm Days: Oh, I miss these guys. The lady in grey is Karen. I've heard that Olmigy is already working in her native Ifugao. How I wish I could find a job in Sagada that fits my capabilities also (weh!).

 Old Mass Comm Days: This was taken during a fire drill, not a rally against SLU's hiking fees. 

 Old Mass Comm Days: Wyb and Jill. The only problem I had with Wyb was that I did not pronounce his name properly. Aww adi?

 Old Mass Comm Days: In the background is Albert. Yeah, I was taking a photo of this representative from the Social Works department (not Albert). Alam niyo na ang #kabaklahan...

Old Mass Comm Day: I've got some bonus video for you guys!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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