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Sagada, Besao Windmill Farm Meetings Quotable Quotes

“Ay isigurado yu?”

-Asked a man from Besao if PhilCarbon is assuring them that the construction of 10 wind turbines along the Pilao- Langsayan Ridge will not affect their  water supply.

“I’ll continue with my research”

-Dr. Joy Dicdican, Besao Municipal Health Office, informing Besao folks that the water supply in the locality is already contaminated according to lab tests. She also clarified that windmills do not cause high blood pressure; she said it is the unhealthy lifestyle of the people that is giving them problems.

 “Datako nan mang-arem kendaida”

-Expressed a Besao community leader on PhilCarbon’s effort of wooing them. He pointed out that the windmill farm would bring lots of opportunities to them so Besao folks should woo the company instead.

 “Men-iyaman tay paggawisan”

-Stated Olivia Kinaod of Besao West after attending the meeting and listening to the benefits of the project to her town.

“Itulok, baken makadadael. Am-in ay dawaten di umili et tumulong da ay mang support”

- Said Nellie Bolinget of Lacmaan, Besao who admitted that she was pleased to learn that PhilCarbon has approved their request of a computer set/sets for students.

“I am not being paid to talk here”

-Scored Engr. Rufino Bomas-ang saying he believes in the project so he decided to be part of PhilCarbon. The Besao native is the Chairman of the Board of the company.

“Ta waday nemnemnemen di ungung-a ken sik-a”

-Told retired teacher Soledad Belingon to Bomas-ang after asking him if he was selling Sagada and Besao to PhilCarbon.

“You decide.”

-Said Ruth Yu- Owen, PhilCarbon President, to locals regarding how the community fund should be spent.

“Ay tet-ewa kano?”

-Asked Bangaan, Sagada folks again and again. They said they were listening to merely hearsay so they wanted to be clarified.

“Nalaing da ay nangpili issan inakseptar da”-

-Described Jaime Tigan-o from Sagada on people of Sagada for allowing the Anglican Church in the locality.

“Ay adi na palayawen nan anito?”

- Asked a woman from Bangaan, Sagada. What do you think was the answer of the Engr. Bomas-ang? Come one, express your thoughts. Comment now. Thanks. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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