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A Proud Vote for Ang Ladlad

Before the tallying of votes was completed in the Ambasing,Sagada precinct, I asked my dear friend Lanban about the party-list he voted for. He said “Ang Ladlad”.

I was glad we were on the same page of supporting the party-list of the Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders (LGBT) community. Not because we are part of the community but because we share the same views on how the LGBT people should be treated in the country.

We went to see the results, and learned that only two voted for Ang Ladlad. Bloody two faboulous voters! We started laughing and murmuring “what the hell did other gays in the barangay vote for!”

The top scorer in our precinct for the party-list race is Katribu. Katribu is well-known in the barangay as the defender of the Indigenous Peoples.

Days after, I received a private message on Facebook from a friend overseas. He was asking about the results Ang Ladlad is winning.

I told him about the incident that only two from our barangay shaded for Ang Ladlad. We discussed about the un-readiness of our people to accept the fact that even gays enjoy the same rights and needs with the straight ones.

I realize the reason why most of gay men that I know strive to get a better life and gain respect from the community- I am guilty of the same rationale. I did every move to make sure that I receive good education and a decent job, and stand my ground to show to the conservative mammals that even gays can be as great as these straight men.

A tale has it that in one gay beauty pageant, the question was: “what can gays contribute to the society?”. Then the answer was: “What do you like, us gays going vekla vekla or those straight going billiards billiards!”.

I know of many straight men that do not deserve the respect of any individual because of their extreme laziness. And still, they are more accepted than gays who work in parlors just to bring home some food to their parents and siblings.

Boy Abunda seems to be the most respected gay man in the country. He was able to beat all the odds to become successful despite of how low level the society looks at gays.

Everyone- straight and curved- listens to what he says when he opens his mouth. The TV personality gives a glimpse of how gays should be treated in the society.

I do not know if Ang Ladlad will be given a seat in the Senate. No matter what happens, the existence of Ang Ladlad helps in raising the awareness of the public that gays are also humans who eat three times a day.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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