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Stupid Reasons Why I’m Voting for Them

1.    Juan Edgardo Angara’s surname starts with letter “A”. We have that commonality. Thus, I like him to be a Senator.

2.    Bam Aquino is a good TV presenter. I saw him on Y-Speak. He also looks like his grandfather Ninoy Aquino. Now, I believe in genetics. So, I’ll vote for him.

3.    Alan Peter Cayetano is a regular interviewee on TV. I’ll vote for him regularly too. Even during barangay elections.

4.    Francis Escudero is more known as “Chiz”. Not Kiko. So I’ll vote for him on May 13.

5.    Risa Hontiveros has TV ads. Others do not have one. She must be rich. I’ll vote for him. Not just once but twice.

6.    Loren Legarda speaks fluently. I did not know she was once a broadcast journalist.  Plus points for her. Plus two votes for her.

7.    Jamby Madrigal gives away iPad to her online followers. I hope she will give me one too if I vote for her. So I will...............So help me God.

8.    Ramon Magsaysay Jr. is the son of the most beloved president of the country Ramon Magsaysay Sr. I saw the latter's picture planting rice in boots. So I’ll not just vote for him. I will also campaign for him even after May 13.

9.    Aquilino Pimentel III seems to be very obedient to his father Aquilino Pimentel II. Look, he is the third to have the same name. So boring! But I’ll still vote for him because his surname starts with "A".

10. Grace Poe is the daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. and the sister of actress Lovi Poe. Because Grace’s mother is Susan Roces, I will vote for her. 

11. Antonio Trillanes IV has my vote because his name sounds hot. Very manly!

12. Nancy Binay runs a few TV ads. She really cares for the children. All children will vote for her, especially those under 18.

13. Tingting Cojuanco is a pretty woman known internationally for being a pretty one. Thus, it is pretty to vote for her prettily.

14. JV Ejercito uses his real surname. So I’ll write his name in the space provided for the person vote- for Congressman.

15. Jack Enrile knows how to read the Bible. I’ll vote for him even if he does not know why Mikay was outside their house when her sibling danced Gwiyomi.

16. Richard Gordon sounds American. Imported like Spam smoked ham! So I’ll vote for him. No further questions please.

17. Gregorio Honasan sounds interesting. Okay, I’ll vote for him.

18. Ernesto Maceda sounds interesting too. I’ll vote for him too.

19. Mitos Magsaysay is anti-RH Law. I’ll vote for her so the lightning won’t target me. No geo-tagging please!

20. Juan Miguel Zubiri resigned when he was accused of cheating during the past Senatorial election. So I’ll vote for him.

21. Rizalito David is...............................Okay, I'll vote for him.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. wow, after such an in depth analysis of the candidates I have also decided to follow your voting. Thanks for the help.

  2. thanks Peter.....looking forward to write some realizations on this barangay elections...i don't know if this is silly, but do you also have barangay elections in Oz?


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