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Vice Ganda’s Jokes Not Funny Any More
Vice Ganda’s jokes on GMA 7’s Jessica Soho being an overweight person and a bold star doing gang-rape scenes do not amuse the whole Filipino audience. 

During his recent “I-Vice Ganda Mo Ako” concert, the actor-comedienne made fun of the newswoman, who is one of the most respected Filipino journalists of all time despite being not as sexy as Korina Sanchez.

In the segment, Vice Ganda fed his audience with the idea of Soho being a bold star and climbing the weighing scale. Check out the video: 

Now, GMA 7 reporters including Arnold Clavio and Filipino intellectuals showed not-so-good series of reaction on the jokes.

Even Soho released a statement saying “rape is not a joke”. She also pointed out that rape is a serious issue concerning women and should not be a subject of jokes.

Last month, Vice Ganda also made comments on Nancy Binay being an amateur in politics but went up to be a Senate candidate immediately. Despite of this, Binay won. This shows that Vice Ganda's political views are not that influential to the Filipino people.

Vice Ganda’s punch styles are split into two types. First, he uses the imperfections like overweight and physical ugliness of other people to make people laugh. According to the very respectable American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres, this style is a form of bullying.

Second, he uses the dumb-type of responding to people's questions.  More often, he uses directions and play with words.

I admit it. Vice Ganda's jokes are funny. But not humorous at all. His jokes have got no intellect. Let’s take a look at this:

Inday: Saan ko po ipapasok?
Vice Ganda: Sa labas!

Average people would say that the question from Inday is something stupid. But Inday is asking about the specific room inside where she is bringing the stuff. The analysis of question is based on the words used- not on what the words mean. And that makes the joke empty.

Many people have copied this style of responding to questions and they think that they are helping solve the question when in fact they are just advertising how empty their brains are.

What people did not like about the jokes of Vice Ganda on Jessica Soho is the gang-rape part. Calling Soho overweight may be acceptable because that is the truth. But we can never ever laugh at the idea of being gang-raped.

Vice Ganda supporters say it was just a joke- a joke that meant to make people laugh.

However, will you laugh at the idea that someone is being gang-raped? What if we make a joke about your mother, grandmother or sister being gang-raped? What would you feel?

Vice Ganda’s tasteless jokes have started to cease from the spotlight already. The first person to show that Vice Ganda’s jokes are no longer marketable is Nancy Binay. Nancy Binay, the 20-year On-the-Job Trainee will soon be making laws for the Filipino people. And Vice Ganda will just be on ABS-CBN’s Showtime making people laugh out of overweight, gang-rape, and Inday jokes.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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