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Classmate: Crush-mate, Clash-mate or Ca$h-mate? (Northern Informer)

Classmate: Crush-mate, Clash-mate or Ca$hmate?

A classroom is a laboratory that mixes different personalities. It may seem to be a prison cell to our kids who feel they are forced to solve Math problems for a brighter future.

As the school year opens, let’s meet our different classmates!

1.    The Gone Paperless. Since the excessive production of paper is considered harmful to the environment, he asks for paper from his seatmates every time there’s a quiz!

2.    The Walking Store. He brings junk foods and kakanin to sell to his classmates. He can be a nice friend if he lends money to his classmates also (with low interest of course).

3.    The Class Goat: He loves getting the lowest rank in class. And when the ring bells, he is the first one to get out of the classroom- as fast as the lighting!

4.    The Teacher’s Pet: A top student, he makes sure that the teacher sees what he does right. He can lie to impress everyone and gets praises by the end of the school year.

5.    The Fashionista: He is an official party-goer and a certified Bench product user. However, he does not know the difference between “passion” and “fashion”.

6.    The Shy-mango: He stays in the corner and does not talk to anyone in the class. But when he starts with his stories, he becomes the most interesting guy on earth.

7.     The Eldest. He does not like to talk about age (because it age doesn’t matter). He is the Kuya of everyone and always gets elected as the class president.

8.    The Bully. He is the king of the land now but he will regret everything tomorrow. No one likes him because he makes fun of other people physically and emotionally.

9.    The Joker. He uses wit to make everyone smile. Everyone loves him and when he is absent, the Holy Week starts.

10. The Ideal. He has got the looks and the brains. Everyone is talking about him. But his breed is becoming extinct.

It is the teacher’s task to get all these differences work for the common good. Because no matter what kind of classmate you are, you still eat rice and potato just like the others. christianlizardoaligo@gmail.com


BLOODY TRUE is the column of Christian Lizardo Aligo in Northern Infomer, a weekly newspaper circulating around northern Luzon.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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