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Philippine Independence Day: Free Thoughts from a Tax Payer

June 12 is more of another non-working holiday that benefits tax payers and students. It’s essence of being the special day that is supposed for us to realize how free our country is a bit lost.

The essence may have lost its way along the Halsema Highway that recently corrupted lives and spoiled dreams of our folks in Bugias, Benguet.

Not surprisingly, other people claim that the Philippines is still under other countries- in ways. 

Truly, the country cannot stand alone since thousands of Filipino families depend on foreigners (I am one of them, as an employee of an Australian company operating within the Baguio City Economic Zone).

I do not know if I should qualify that insight.

Nevertheless, the country is experiencing the typical freedom that we know. We have our own territory which starts in Basilan and ends in Sulu (not Sabah), our own people which we call “Filipinos”, our own language which everyone uses in school, our own identity as hospitable humans, and our own President who seems leukemic because of the yellow skin that he carries even when he dates a woman.

Seeing the past, the Igorot people are among the luckiest for being unconquered by the Spanish force. Americans were the only ones that were able to tame them to join the rest of the country to undergo modernization.

I am wondering why on earth British conquerors showed no interest in our archipelago. If that happened, we would be as good as Malaysia or even Australia, and we would be part of the Eurozone.

However, past is past and we should not dwell on what we have not been. All we needed to do is to think of the present and of the future (so please drop the Sabah claim now).

According to Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, the man who recognized Filipino as our language and forced English-speaking Sagada people to learn how to speak the Tagalog language, it is better to see Philippines being ruled by Filipinos like hell than by the Americans like heaven.

It did happen and is happening now. If he is still alive, I would like to ask him a precious question: is it better to see Filipinos killing other Filipinos because of personal greed or Americans killing Filipinos for the common good?

Anyhow, I would like to dedicate this Freedom Day to Charice Pempengco (not Daniel Padilla), our very own  flag-bearer in Hollywood who for the first time loosened her baggage and admitted she is a lesbian. When she fired her admittance of being special, she did not lose anything but she gained herself and most Filipinos.

Happy Independence Day to everyone! Even Google is celebrating with us!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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