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RealStew: Complete Online Presence Package
 While Mark Zuckerberg is thinking on ways how to connect everyone on earth to the Internet, you must also be listing steps on how to connect yourself and your business to everyone who has gone online.

Usually when we want to expand our reign to the land of the Internet, we develop corporate and blog websites, interact with people in chat rooms, email significant people on our list, open and manage online stores and conduct web searches.

How do we do all the above-mentioned activities? We open dozens of websites and spend much of our time logging in and off.

Fortunately, the savior has finally arrived to give us a one-website solution to all of these web presence needs. RealStew was created by Paddy Delaney.

RealStew offers an avenue where you can control major web services in just one platform. To give you a glimpse of RealStew, we were given special access to get premium experience on what it is all about.

Quick Chat With Anyone From Anywhere

RealStew gives you a powerful chat function. Everyone needs this chat function in communicating with our loved ones, clients and even strangers. I myself find chatting very crucial in becoming a brother to my siblings in the country and cousins across Asia, America, Europe and Australia. RealStew just added a tool that can connect hearts from different edges of the world.

Read, Send and Receive Email

Everyday, I send around 10 emails to different people. Email is a convenient tool for formal communication with employees, clients, business partners, friends and even enemies. As they say, you do not belong to this generation if you do not have an email address (I’ve got around five to open every day). RealStew’s email system provides ease in sending, receiving, reading and managing email messages.

Join, Manage and Build Networks via Groups

Forums and mailing lists are a very excellent tool to interact with the people of the world who have different businesses and opinions. RealStew offers one-to-many and many-to-many group communication models that perfectly fit any crowd’s need. Active participation can also lead to greater influence.

Open an Online Store and Boost Sales

Last month, I created an online shop for a dear cousin. She now competes with nationally acclaimed online shops catering to children’s wear and home products. Nowadays, even work-at-home moms can open an online store to seek for money. RealStew is an excellent option in building an online store.

Website Development in Just Clicks

If your business needs to be recognized internationally and be known by people even from different continents, you need a website. RealStew offers web development services that can make you stand out from the competition. As a blogger who depends on a web development service, I need this. In the coming days, I will create blogs using website development tools innovated by RealStew for non-techie people like me.

Search for Knowledge on the Web Handily

You do not need to go to open another browser to run a Google search. When you are on RealStew, you can always “Google” anything while on the website. The search engine is embedded to the site so you can feed your mind with any information from the king of search without hassle, while checking on your emails, chatting with friends and even doing sales talk on your online store page.

RealStew is the first website that I’ve seen to gather all these in-demand services in just one place. It is a comprehensive site that helps businesses grow and personalities draw a bigger crowd.

RealStew is a masterpiece of a true genius. I am totally excited to be among the first to experience RealStew’s magic before it is finally launched to the public.

Let's connect on RealStew.....Discover my RealStew page!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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