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Rinell Banda's Pinoy Travel Channel: 9 Reasons to Catch Up
Imagine American and Russian astronomers opening Mars and Venus as tourist destinations for Earthlings. 

And for sure, you see the jolly and hunky Rinell Banda rushing to get a set of return tickets for his Pinoy Travel Channel crew.

It is as if this guy from Manila has all the energy to explore the world from North Pole to South Pole. 

If existed in the earlier decades, he could have accompanied Ferdinand Magellan to prove to the King of Spain that accessing the East can be done by taking the route to the West.

Months ago, his Pinoy Travel Channel visited Sagada to check on what the Cordilleran town has got to offer to tourists like them. That starts everything- I got to know him on Facebook and grew some chances to interact with him in the cyberspace.

Pinoy Travel Channel documents all the travels of Banda, with video final cuts uploaded to its YouTube channel and featured on its blog site with the same name.

Why should the world travel with Rinell? Note: All of the pictures were lifted from Rinell's Facebook account. Let's get crazy this time as I sell my soul for this funny blog entry!

1.    Rinell has got the sexy moves! Check out this video, shot in France to judge if he is good (or too good) for Dancing With the Stars!

2.    Thes pictures of Rinell are boilingly hot! A statue can now be made using his physique as a model.

3.    Rinell is about to wear Wrangler.

4.    Rinell is undeniably friendly! Anyone who does not agree with this should see the picture below.

5.    Rinell doesn’t look like an Asian guy when he stands beside Caucasians. Thanks for an invention called "shades". And for his parents for passing him the "tall" genes.

6.    Rinell can carry a whole bicycle (but not with one hand). He did this in Dublin, Ireland which is the home to my favorite Celtic Woman, High Kings and Celtic Thunder.

7.    Rinell knows how to balance himself while sitting on a rock.

8.    Rinell sits like a King. All he needed is a crown around his head to have the chance to be compared to Prince Harry.

9.  Rinell is on the GQ cover! I have a very important queston: are those leaves necessary?

9.  Rinell can fly without wings! Westlife already sang this picture's theme song.

Let be more social:

Be friends with Rinell on Facebook
Be part of his Travel With Rinell Facebook Community
Add him on Twitter Account
Connect with him on Google Plus
Read about his adventures on Pinoy Travel Channel Blog
Watch how he conquers the world on Pinoy Travel YouTube Channel

And one last request:

Mind killing this dolphin for me?

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Nice Post , I also met Rinell in person and i blogged also about him . hope you can also drop by my post

  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for dropping by. of course I'll read your blog later. I've never met Rinell actually but we often exchange messages on Facebook. You know, I support anyone who loves my hometown Sagada :)

  3. hello Christian, Ill add you up on my blogroll


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