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To All My Facebook Friends (And Enemies)

Just simple considerations my dear Facebook friends (is there any pill for my frankness?):

1. I have no other Facebook accounts. I use this account for my personal and professional goals. I cannot separate the two aspects of my life because I am a simple person who acts at home the same way I do at work.

2. I am not a celebrity or another prima donna on Facebook so just hit the "Add As A Friend" button, not the "Follow" to allow a 2-way communication model. Most of the time, I do not deny friend requests. And I do not ban or block anyone on the list even if that person is attacking me already.

3. Do not add me, then message me introducing your networking business. Then tell me you are "looking for a business partner" slash agent. Then raise a tone saying "looking for a living the way I do is better than yours" when I say “I have a wonderful job in a wonderful company with wonderful people around”. I prefer to deal with those who message me selling their beauty products and gadgets.

4. I freely express my thoughts on my Facebook page- because my Facebook page is mine. It shows what I believe in and what I don’t. It does not show what Bill Gates is doing 24/7. It does not even give a shit to what the president is doing. My page is about me, not about anybody else.

5. I do not attack anyone on Facebook just because I do not agree on things. I ignore posts that are not favorable to my taste. This is what we call “respect” in a democratic world.

6. Please do not add me because you think I am in Australia or the United Kingdom. Then express your disappointment when I confirm that I live in Baguio City.

7. I am not a Catholic even if I seem to be one. So never ever judge my posts using your Catholic standards. I am an Anglican, an Episcopalian Anglican, an Anglo-Catholic.

8. I do not post things for you to agree on. If you do not agree, I am not soliciting your thoughts why I am wrong (again).

9. You can also reach me on Twitter: @christianaligo. I do follow back because I want to tweet with everybody. When I don’t, give me a mention immediately. Maybe I could have overlooked the list on my followers.

10.  My email address is christianaligonow@gmail.com if you have some serious concerns with me. I do check my emails 24/7 using my phone. Just drop me an email. I maybe super frank but I do not bite. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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