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Meet My Alapos in Heaven
I miss home. I miss the scent of fresh pinewood. I miss to speak the combination of Kankanaey and English. I miss the Igorot in me.

When my phone alarmed at three early this morning, I was supposed to prepare to go home to Sagada for the All Saints Day. But the storm has reached the region and I would be risking my very precious and sexy life on Halsema Highway, a known deadly road in the world.

Since I am not able to visit my grandparents in the cemetery, I would love to dedicate this page for them. Get to know them in case you are interested in my bloodline. By the way, we call our grandparents "Alapo".

Pablo Lizardo Sr.

I never met him because he died when my mom was still a grade school kid. Pablo Lizardo Sr. was once the mayor of Sagada.

Almost all oldies in Sagada know him. Other people introduce us as “grandkids of Pablo Lizardo”.

He was the son of Leon Lizardo, also known as Kilpoten, and Magdalena of Sabangan, Mountain Province. Leon became the second mayor of Sagada in his time.

Pablo had two brothers namely Dawaten and Dagiw-a, and two sisters namely Christina Lizardo- Lardizabal and Isabel Lizardo- Busacay. All of them were raised in our old house in Tagungtungaw, Ambasing, Sagada.

Dolores Baniaga- Lizardo

Dolores was the only living grandparent I have lived with. She died when I was in high school on a stormy morning, causing me to miss school for a week.

She was originally from Dagdag, another village in Sagada’s central zone. 

Patricio Baniaga, more known as Obonan, is her sibling and my only grand uncle who has been wonderfully doing his duty as a grandparent to me and all my sublings.

Alipio Aligo

Alipio Aligo was my father’s father. When I saw his picture on Facebook uploaded by my cousin, it was clear to me that my father is ineed his son.

Historically, he became mayor of Bauko. He was from Bagnen, Bauko.

On top of these things, I have no other info about him since my dad never mentioned him to us voluntarily. It was even my mom who first told me about him.

Tagayan Laguipen- Mangosan

Just like the other grandparents, she died before I came to senses. She was my father’s mother.

My father loves telling stories about her kindness as a mother. But I can barely picture her face.

These people make up my genetic composition. I once paired a picture of Alipio Aligo and Pablo Lizardo Sr. and I can see where I got my eyes (guess who). One time when I got home and told my dad about my involvement in student politics, he said “that should be an automatic interest in you because both of your grandfathers were politicians”.

Check this out: (Alipio Lizardo, me, Pablo Lizardo Sr.)

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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