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One Day in La Union
In the past few weeks, my beauty got drained. There were many tasks to finish and too many things to kill my brain cells. Nevertheless, some dear people were there to rescue me so I ended everything in the right tune.

So when the weekend arrived at the door, I told myself that I wanna go look for some relaxation. I needed to re-energize. I needed to rejuvenate the freshness in me. 

Thus on Sunday, I found myself climbing up a bus with Rosa, one of my gorgeous workmates at New Media Services, to San Fernando City, La Union.
I made some research about the places to visit in the small city. I found an awesome 4-hour itinerary which became our tour framework.

La Union Tour: As advised by the blogger, we should hire a tricycle. So we did ride on a very noisy trike. The last time I boarded on a trike was something memorable. I was with the late Dr. Agustin Lizardo. He accompanied me to Bontoc General Hospital for my operation.
La Union Tour: Our first destination was the Ma-Cho Taoist Temple. According to articles, the temple once embraced Roman Catholicism. Inside, I did all the steps in wishing. I made five wishes (health, family, profession, work and you know the final item) and after executing all the needed steps, I received a favorable response. Jackpot!

La Union Tour: We climbed up the hill to see the Pagoda Hill that overlooks the City of San Fernando. The gate was actually closed but we still managed to climb up the fence just to enter the gazebo. My bad!

 La Union Tour: Our next stop was the Pindangan Ruins. Here we can see the ruins of a Catholic Church built in the mid-1700's by Spaniards. It was really highly-interesting! When we reached the place, there was a set of foreign tourists making some weird activities. They were actually on a ghost-hunting expedition!

La Union Tour: We reached Poro Point special economic zone to see the intriguing Thunderbird Resort. We went there to tour, not to experience the offerings of the 5-Star Resort because we knew inside that we cannot even afford a single candy in their restaurant.

La Union Tour: Finally, we decided to look for a resort where we could eat and rest. We found Bali Hai in the other town of Bauang, just minutes after San Fernando. We were there at around 2 in the afternoon and there were many foreigners watching a sport show. We enjoyed the rest of the day there eating fresh sea foods, swimming in the pool and staring at the setting sun.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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