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Where Was God When Haiyan Came to Town?

A day before Typhoon Haiyan made landfall on the central regions of the Philippines, local and international authorities were already sending warnings that the approaching typhoon could be the worst typhoon in history.

However in the Philippines, some people do not believe in the state's weather agency because of some previous report inaccuracies. They think forecasts will happen exactly as told by scientists.

And Typhoon Haiyan finally reached the Philippine land, destroying houses, washing away cars, uprooting trees and killing people. More than a thousand people have been confirmed dead and the authority fears that more than 10,000 lives were taken by the typhoon.

Lucky for me, I live in Baguio City in the northern part of the Philippines. Last Friday evening, the wind was really strong. It was one of the worst evenings I have ever experienced in my life.

Good for me, I was safe inside my flat near the city economic zone while hearing the terrifying sound of wind coming from different directions.

In the next morning, the stormy weather was gone but it was still raining. However, fallen tree branches were everywhere. Still, I was thankful the storm was over.

Photos of affected families in Tacloban City, Leyte, Antique and nearby areas flooded the Internet. No man could stand not weeping with just the images and videos of the people being washed away by the floodwater.

I was speechless and teary-eyed browsing my Facebook page. It was extremely devastating. It was extremely heart-breaking. It was extremely unacceptable.

You would ask where the hell was God when these things happened to these poor Filipinos? 

Was God busy tweeting when Haiyan visited these families? 

Was God busy shopping in Hong Kong when Haiyan came to visit the town?

Was God busy flirting with someone else when Haiyan was knocking on the door of these poor, poor, poor Filipinos?

The whole country started screaming for help. Prayers can no longer feed these families. Prayers to Him can no longer provide these families with clean water. Praise songs can no longer miracolousy bring them a cup of rice to eat.

So who the hell is here to help the Philippines?

With the help of international media, the situation of the Philippines became a hit topic on news shows. Contries started sending relief goods. Politicians started campaigning for the Philippines. Even celebrities started comforting the Filipino people.

As a company with a heart, New Media Services, where I work at, is now accepting donations from employees. Air21 will be transporting all our in-kind collections to the recipient of the campaign.

Most people are hoping that the donations will not go to corrupt people. This is a sign that the Filipino mass has lost its respect in its own government. I cannot blame my breed.

This evening, a batch mate of mine asked me for help if we could find the family of her workmate. According to her, there was no communication among her workmate and the family left in Leyte since the typhoon hit the region.

The family members include 
Teodoro Catanda,
Lilia Catanda, 
Allan Catanda, 
Analyn Catanda, 
Grace Catanda, 
Meljhon Catanda, 
Mateo Nuena, 
Teresita Nuena 
and Roselyn Bante. 

Please contact Mika on Facebook if you can help her with this concern.

She told me that they checked on the list of the confirmed people who died in the tragedy and none of the names above appeared on the list. I told her we hope these people are still alive.

Here's is the video of the representative of the Philippines to the United Nations climate change forum in Poland: 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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