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How I Flirted With 2013
I am turning 25 in the coming few months. It is the ideal age to invest for the future, marry someone special and start a business. However, I am different. I have bigger plans that may not suit me and my age.

Twenty-thirteen has been one of the toughest years of my life. Many things happened and it made me more mature overnight. Let me count all these things:

January- Career Advancement

I have been working at New Media Services/ Rossking as a writer for more than two years already. Being part of the Public Relations and Communications team made my system more flexible to the demands of both traditional and online media. 

In January, I was promoted to be the Supervisor of the PR and Comms department. I trained three amazing, talented guys who are now my friends. 

I enjoy every day working at NMS/Rossking. I organize monthly parties for all employees which everything turned. Recently, I  handled the big corporate Christmas Party in La Union which was both a disaster and a success. I still produce press releases and communications documents. I still am still active in the corporate social responsibility works of the company. To sum everything up, 2013 gave me the chance to do what I love doing! 

April- Another Family Moment

For months, my father has been complaining for his unstable health condition. When he was very ill, he came to live with me in a rented flat in La Trinidad for weeks. 

He was hospitalized for days and has been undergoing regular check-ups and medications, with hopes of having him recover from his illness. His physical test has it that he is negative of Prostate Cancer contrary to earlier claims. While at the hospital, he had a stroke which was really terrifying. 

All my cousins and close family friends came to rescue us financially and emotionally. They came to the hospital with all their unconditional support to us which I don’t think I can repay even if I double myslef.

There were unpleasant things that happened but overall, I think I have stood my ground to be who I am despite the non-sense odds.

September- Welcome to A Wider World

I always wanted to expand my professional horizon and meet new opportunities. Sweet September allowed me to be published by OTC, a US-based magazine. I always knew I was not a good writer. But how come, this foreign magazine picked my article for publishing! 

I was also able to published four articles on CNN iReport. Not bad. I wrote business articles that are now scattered to many websites. I was able to get connected to Ariel Licas and Jojo Armienta who featured me on their website as a PR man.

The biggest event this month was when I received an email from London-based Canadian entrepreneur ColinPyle. I never knew he was that famous, holding a Guinness World Book of Records title holder and presenting a sports show. I journeyed with him with small projects for his Silicon Real podcast and Lingos language learning platform. Although he is frustrated with how things have turned out, I can say I have learned a lot from him. I wish him all the best in life- because he deserves more than what i can give to him.

October- Brands Remains 

My plan with this website was to turn it into an online portfolio where I could place everything about me as a professional without taint of my personal preferences. 

However when an email about Proactiv extending its projects with me arrived, I changed my plans. 

I will maintain my blog as long as Proactiv and other contract brands working with me is here to support me. 

It is not my first time to do blogging gigs for a brand. I was also approached for Lenddo Lending Company, Zalora OnlineStore, RealStew Platform and other local and international brands to have a piece of my blogging activity. 

I do not blog full-time because of my hectic schedule. But I am still thankful our blog has a Page Rank of 2. 

What can I say? 2013 has been very nice to me, serving my ambitious ambitions. I do hope 2014 also flirts with me in a bigger and better way! By the way, please like my Facebook page:)

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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