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I Don't Usually Ask, But When I Do...

I know it is not pleasant to hear that I am open to anyone who would like to give me gifts this festive season. But I am still announcing everyone that I will never turn down any package delivered to my doorsteps.

Seriously. Honestly. I want some gifts! 

What I want this Christmas? I am not a big dreamer. I only need simple things to crack a smile on my face. When I say "simple", I do not mean iPhone 5C but that is a good suggestion to be my gift if that is running in your mind.

No worries, I am not saying that I will not accept big gifts (especially if you give me an island in the south of Africa as my Christmas present). I accept everything and anything.

Running Shoes + Portable MP3 Player= Physical Fitness Buddy

I lost two kilograms in weeks of taking no regular breakfast and dinner, combined with at least twice a week jogging session. 

When I get home to Sagada, I promise to jog everyday- of course if I have a pair of running shoes and a portable MP3 player. 

I am not asking for new stuff. Second hand or third hand things are much treasured than those fresh the factory. 

I wanna traverse Sagada on foot while listening to my favorite artists. 

If you cannot give me these things, well why don’t you just jog with me? Companionship is a also good gift.

Reading Tablet + e-Books Because I Love to Read More

Since I accepted loads of freelance gigs, I had no time for my books and magazines. I have a pile of reading materials waiting to be browsed. 

In fact, the last Entrepreneur Magazine I was able to read was the September issue. 

If someone gives me a tablet which I could use in reading e-books and PDF documents, I would be more than thankful to continue my quest for more knowledge. 

With a tab, I can read even while on a moving bus to anywhere. I hate reading on my laptop.

Any Android Phone= Goodbye BlackBerry Ever

Being a Blackberry user now sucks. 

I no longer want to be an exclusive BB user. Enough of the BB craze because it is just making me anti-social. 

I want to explore the fun aspect of having a phone. Enough of the emails and the very serious apps installed on my phone. I want Skype and Instagram on my mobile device. 

I want an Android phone. Any Android phone would do.

 US and UK-based Business Magazines= International Exposure 

If you are living in New York or London, sending me your old business magazines can make me grateful for a thousand years for having you as an acquaintance!

I want to read about the business industries in two of the most powerful economies. I do not want to be locked here in the Philippines. I want some international exposure. 

 DVD of Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser Concert

I do not know if Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser concert was already aired in the UK. 

As a fan who could not afford to attend one of her concerts, watching the DVD version of the concert can satisfy my hunger of her angelic voice. 

I have downloaded her album months ago. I wanna see the very controversial laser lights and diva outfits used in the concert.

Round-Trip Tickets To Anywhere In the World

I have my passport in the corner. It is underutilized.

The only thing I needed is a set of round-trip tickets to anywhere- Palawan or China destinations are okay with me. 

I only need plane tickets. I will handle other expenses like hotel accommodation and touring services. 

As what I have mentioned, I am not a "picky" type of person. Small or big, I have no right to judge the content of any package coming to my hands.  Do you need my mailing address or my Paypal user email address? Just reach out to me (and I’ll reach out to you as well). 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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