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Was The Satire Worth It?

Never have I expected that the whole Igorot community worldwide would extremely support our recent satirical article.

I would recite the words "thank you" ten milion times just to show my appreciation to the overwhelming acceptance of the article.

The blog post proved that the Igorot people are amazingly solid when confronted with discrimination issues. Indeed, only crises can measure how united people are.

We also published an article on CNN iReport wherein I expressed that doing our best in our field is a formula against Igorot discrimination.

I was painfully hurt when I realized that more and more people are living under the shadows of ignorance about Igorots.

As an Igorot, my blood pressure rose when I learned about the posts of Ms. Asuncion. In fact, there were other publicly-shown comments in the past on social networking sites that really disturbed my soul.

I really pity my fellow Igorots for the maltreatment they receive just because they were given Igorot parents.

Some people believe that my move of writing a satirical article to confront the issue was not the right thing to do, advising me to just ignore it.


They called us cannibals, they called us criminals, they called us stupid, they called us uncivilized…….

And yet we should  ignore them because we think that the more reactions we exhibit, the stronger they become to discriminate us?

Can our silence shut them up?

Can ignoring them teach them that Igorots are not what they thing we are? Can sealed mouths tell these ignorant people that Igorots are not criminals?

Not a good idea I believe.

At least, we spoke. At least, we did something.

If other Igorots remain silent because they believe people will stop discriminating the race if no one speaks, I shall still remain talking.

I pay my taxes. And I believe that if these ignorant people do not know the right description of Igorots, we will do it for them!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Keep posting so that the world could know how awesome Filipino highlanders are! My cousins and i have received a lot of criticisms about being Ifugao, we just shrug it off and pity them for their ignorance. We Igorots have a very rich culture, were born with it and it is something that can never be erased or taken away from us. Little do the ignorant people know that we are richer than them. Little do they know that many Ifugaos and Igorots speak better English than them. I am proud to be and Ifugao and will never deny it!

  2. YES do keep up publishing your messages. I love reading it and sharing to friends and relatives. This will help circulate our stand that we do not like to be discriminated because of who we are. We do not want to be insulted like dogs. We do not want to be called ugly names and we do not want our young generations to become ashamed of their roots. Our homeland is very rich with God's abundant creations. Nan ili tako et kalalaychan! I remember Chelsea the name you mentioned in your article. She was one of our students for I think one semester and I did not realize she can make such an impressive speech like what you posted. The last I heard of her when a co-worker told me of her death. Again, keep on posting. WASCHIN SUMYA!

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  4. Keep up bro! show these INDIOS who we are


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