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What A View: Globe Tower (Not A Calvary Cross) Overlooking the Anglican Cemetery in Central Sagada

Smart Telecom in Mount Ampacao is not alone in Sagada. 

Its rival Globe also constructed its tower on top of the hill which has been serving as the community cemetery in the Anglican town of Sagada.

In the past months, there was an online campaign to press Globe Telecom to vacate the area for reasons: the hilltop is sacred, trees were cut, there were no prior consultations, etc (the same old stories that people accuse when they do not like a certain project whether it has been religiously abiding by laws or not).

Instead of the view of the huge cross that is dominating the hilltop, it is now the gigantic tower that allows the exchange of messages and calls among Globe subscribers in the resort town. I just do not know if it also allows communication between the dead in the cemetery and the living (just kidding).

Take a look at these photos of the huge cross (I do not know if the cross is still there or not) I took years ago when Sagada was still Globe-less and Smart was the only telecom foe of anti-capitalists there.

Honestly, I did not join the online campaign against Globe because I am totally aware that the Anglican authority in Sagada and the local government unit (LGU) should approve the operation of such in the area before the construction could start.

There is what we call "due process" that everyone should follow to pursue a business. However, the question in many cases  lies on how due process was attained. There will always be accusations by people who hate (because haters are born to hate, period).

People are claiming that there were no consultations. Or should they say they did not attend the consultations because they ignored them?

Only the people in the central barangays, the Anglican authority and the LGU know the truth. I will never ever settle to what Sagada self-declared defendants are saying. I learned my lessons already and never will I trust some people because the picture is very very clear to me).

What I know is that a mobile satellite owned by Globe has been operating in the middle of the hill for years. I remember the time when the satellite starts operating at 9AM and closes at 9PM. Thus, Globe subscribers should rush their transactions on the covered time.

It is terribly sad to see that the some people who are pushing on the campaign are those living outside Sagada who know less of what is REALLY happening at home (shoot me for this). They just rely on rumors they hear from their gossip reporters.

This is the same story when Smart Telecom was pursuing the legendary tower on top of Mt. Ampacao years ago. People were accusing Smart of a series of stuff. Months ago, the owners of the lot covered by the tower demanded a huge percentage of rent fee.

If there is any problem with the Globe tower, I recommend people to consult the Anglican authority in Sagada which basically allowed the construction of the tower there. Facebook does not help and it just gets uninformed opinions, further confusing us and advancing the thing we call DEMOCRAZY.

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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