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Best Coffee or Lemon Grass Tea? I Will Disappoint You

You can always tell when I am not comfortable or amenable of the establishment I am sitting at- I do not make my choices when ordering.

I ask the waiter of their specialty (which I always get a loser answer of "lahat po ng nasa menu") or I just copy the order of my companion. 

Sometimes, I become vocal asking my companions if it is possible to transfer to another place. But that happens when I choose to be rude which I love doing. 

Blame my simple yet meaningful upbringing which is completely controlling my lifestyle.

Comparing my old values and the new things I am introduced to, I, with the logic and non-sense wisdom guiding my decision, choose the first.

I prefer to live the way how we live in our little home in the middle of the mountains. I do as long as I can and as long as opportunities allow me to do so.

Ano ba kasing nasa bundok na ayaw ko i-Let It Go?

When I was a young kid, my mother always required us to eat with lemon grass tea- he freshest produce of the backyard garden, genuinely organic and totally unlimited!

My frank mother would liken us to chicks (do not pollute your minds again) eating without water if she catches us defying her rule.

So when I go inside a snack house and order a small cup of spoiled lemon grass tea for almost a hundred pesos, I really become irritable. I know the taste of lemon grass tea that was made the other day so it would be better to believe me for this matter. 

Every time people gather at our house for some ritual, we offer freshly-brewed and first-class coffee. 

So when I go inside a coffee shop and get a cup of coffee for almost two hundred pesos, I really wished home was just a 10 minutes away. What drives me nuts is to get a tasteless cup of coffee which the waiter claims to be "strong". I know the taste of coffee that has been in the brewing pot for two days.

Spending much money for the bits of coffee bean that were boiled again and again and again tells me how desperate city people are when looking for real good coffee.

Sometimes I just laugh when people say they just tasted the best coffee or lemon grass tea. Oh come on, come to our house in the mountains and you will have freshly-boiled coffee or tea – totally free and unlimited!

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


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  2. I must agree that our mountains here in The Cordillera produces the best when it comes to hot beverages. I once tried having a sip when I visited Sagada during my "nomad days" :p


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