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Market Your Business Beyond Cordillera Using Internet

When people worldwide want to learn about freshly-harvested vegetable produces, homey transient houses, quality tertiary schools, Igorot food menu, native artworks, limestone caves and other wonderful offerings of the Cordillera region, they no longer visit a pile of books and magazines in the library.

Rather, they sit in front of their computers at home and “Google” things up. In just seconds, they are given pages of results from different web pages that may guide them to find the exact information they wanted about the Cordilleras.

Check these Search Results for specific keywords that users use when researching using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines:

Meet the Newest Marketing Buddy: The Internet 

The Internet is the newest and the most convenient source of information. It gives almost anything and everything, from scoops about our favorite Hollywood stars to the promo code of a shopping mall to get 50% off on select items.

Thus when Americans, Indians, Egyptians, Britons, Filipinos in far areas, etc. want to learn more about the mysterious Sleeping Beauty of Kalinga and the cold breeze of Baguio City, they rely on the magic of the Internet.

And if your business is not on the Internet, you are losing a million worth of opportunities to be discovered by the world and get customers who will give you much fortune!

The Internet brings you and your business to people in every corner of this planet. So, how do you market your business beyond the borders of the Cordillera region reaching prospect customers?

Digital Marketing Lesson One:
Construct a Website of your Business

A website becomes your official page on the Internet that feeds users with truthful and reliable information about your business.

In developing a website, you need a writer who creates text contents, graphic designer who provides the site with visuals and a programmer who does the coding.

Make sure your website contains essential information about your business mission, contact options, products and services, ways on how your clients avail of your offerings, news stories and promotional announcements and all the reasons why you should be trusted by customers.

After the text and graphics contents are finished and enhanced on a web hosting portal, it is time to register your website. Some web hosting companies automatically register your website upon getting  their website development services.

Why is having a website the priority when marketing on the Internet? All people fully trust the official website, not other websites that mention your business.

Check out these official websites of Den Ynd Online Shop and Makati Condo Sale real estate website:

Digital Marketing Lesson Two:
Market on Social Sites Where Everyone Lives

Create a business page on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social networking sites where your customers are. It is like constructing a house in the neighborhood of the people you love to be neighbors with.

Do a research on the social networking sites that most of your target customers are using. Facebook is for the general mass so it is safe for any business to appear on this site. LinkedIn is for professionals. Google Plus is for business-minded persons. Twitter is for social influencers who love posting their rants and obsession of pop culture items.

After filling up registration forms with information that comprehensively introduce your business, upload pictures of your products and services.

Update your page with convincing description of your offerings. Offer discounts and promo codes to those who actively interact with your page.

The most important here is 24/7 monitoring because customers might contact you on any of your social page. Try to communicate with them especially if they have questions.

People nowadays prefer contacting a business for inquiries using social networking sites. Emailing is getting boring and obsolete. Emailing is for Business-to-Business transactions.

Check out these social media pages of RIGHTS SLU, Cafe Sapore and New Media Services.

Digital Marketing Lesson Three:
Have Someone Blog About Your Business If You Can’t Blog

Bloggers are writers using their website to communicate a message with honesty although they still inject commercial value. People using the Internet rely on blog articles to find TRUE and FIRST-HAND information about resorts, restaurants, products, people, companies, etc because bloggers tell the truth according to their OWN experience compared to marketing contents aired on TV which are undeniably manipulated for marketing’s sake.

If you know bloggers in your community, invite them to experience your products and services. And in return, the bloggers give an honest review of your offerings on their blogs and social media pages.

You may contact one blogger then the blogger gets in touch with other bloggers who share the same niche. If you are offering transient houses, get travel bloggers. If you are offering real estate consultancy services, invite business bloggers. "Personal" bloggers may work in any niche.

The set up is simple: pamper the bloggers with free sample of your offerings. But please do not fool them by giving them better offerings. Give them what you provide to ordinary customers. Give them extra information about your business which may be discussed in the articles they will make.

If you can blog on your own, open a blog website. You can avail of free blogging web hosting spaces on Blogger (I use this), WordPress (developers prefer this),Tumblr (most teenagers love this) and other free sites. 

Developing a blog site is easier so you can slow down in exploring on how to beautify your blog. It is recommended that you identify yourself so you may use the first person point of view to show that all the contents represent your thoughts about the perks of your business. 

Check these blog reviews of Zio's Pizzeria from Biyaheng Amianan, Travex Travels and Lia's Bread Crumbles:

Digital Marketing Lesson Four:
Be An Authority on Your Industry By Being an Expert

Boost the credibility of your business by sharing your expertise to the world. On top of your talk engagements, maintain an online reputation that identify you as an expert in your business.

Write articles about the current issues in the industry you are involved in. Give fair commentaries and witty suggestions. If you are not good at writing, why not hire a writer who could help you construct sentences.

Stay away from your obsessing your business when writing. People will always know your business once they are introduced to you.

Submit your write-ups to any website accepting submissions like article directory sites.

Take note that in doing this, it is the substance of the article that matters and not the number of times you mentioned your business.

When people read your article online, they start giving you respect as the knowlegdeable person about a certian industry. They look for you and inquire about having your expertise that influence their lives- then it is time to do business with them.

The Internet is free and it shall be utilized to advance your business goals. To have more assistance in marketing your business beyond the borders of the Cordillera region, contact me. I am blessed to have learned many techniques for working as a Public Relations and Communications practitioner in an Australian web and mobile company.

There are other digital presence concerns that are of high importance to any business:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
YouTube Marketing
Creative Blogging
Google Search Standing
Web Analytics
Newsletter Publishing
User Experience (UX) Upgrade
Organic Traffic
Social Media Marketing
Digital Branding
Business-to-Business (B2B) Communications
Crisis Public Relations
Forum Management
User General Content (UGC) Moderation
Google Pagerank and Authority
On-Site and Off-Site Link Building

We shall be discussing one by one as long as we have the chance to do so. For questions, just email meTo outsource website development, graphic design and SEO services, try checking out Eyewebmaster, owned by Rosendo Cuyasen Jr., a fellow Igorot who is based in Cebu. 

Christian is a Marketing Communications practitioner in Quezon City. He is an Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province. To get in touch with him, please shoot an email to christianaligonow@gmail.com.


  1. Great site, great site! Very informative for people doing business and wanting to be in any business.

    1. Thanks HarryB. I'll draft more articles like this for businessman readers :) Cheers!


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